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Empower tomorrow’s workforce with real-time 3D, VR, and AR. Join the world’s most forward-looking, innovative and experienced academic institutions in building the workforce of tomorrow.

Unity Academic Alliance Member

The Unity Academic Alliance is a consortium of forward-thinking, post-secondary education institutions that are committed to informing, inspiring and providing their students and faculty with the skills needed to create immersive experiences in 2D, 3D, VR and AR. Alliance members receive exclusive Unity benefits, and students receive the benefits of Unity education and certifications.

Member Benefits

As a member of the Unity Academic Alliance, your institution will be formally recognized as a leader in cutting-edge Unity education. Among the many benefits enumerated in the Program Overview.

  • Inclusion of your institution’s logo and name on the Unity Academic Alliance website
  • Membership in Unity’s private, online Academic Alliance Connect Community
  • Up to two reserved student positions in Unity’s exclusive Global Student Ambassador program
  • Live webinars from Unity for Alliance member representatives
  • Vouchers for Unity certifications and passes to a local Unity Unite conference
  • Access to program support


Unity Academic Alliance membership is open to post-secondary education institutions only, which includes universities, colleges and vocational and trade schools. To join, you must submit a Unity Academic Alliance Member application and meet all the requirements outlined in the Program Overview.

Among the key requirements, you must:

  • Employ at least one person who is a Unity Certified Instructor (UCI), or have at least one person employed by your institution who is working towards earning UCI status. Or partner with a third-party UCI.
  • Offer Unity Certifications to your student population.
  • Offer Unity education resources in your institution’s curriculums or programs.

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