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Odin Enterprise
Optimize your project workflows and save thousands of development hours
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Supercharge your workflow with user-friendly features

Odin comes packed with features like the Static Inspector, Input Validation, Odin Editor Windows, and many more. The open source Odin Serializer lets you expand Unity’s serialization capabilities when you need polymorphic object structures, or want to serialize and deserialize data at runtime.

More than 100 attributes

More than 100 attributes

With Odin’s 100+ high-quality attributes you can create powerful and user-friendly editors with little to no effort. You can even make editor windows using just attributes.

Odin Inspector is ready to use immediately after installing. There is no need to perform any tedious setup to start improving your editors.

Custom editor windows

Custom editor windows

Making editor windows can go a long way in streamlining the production workflow of a project. However, it can be difficult to maintain them as the project changes.

With Odin you can inherit from a single class and gain access to the powerful Odin drawing system in its entirety. No more worrying about how your windows are drawn.

“If I had to bring one tool with me to a deserted island it would be Odin. This Editor extension takes the Inspector to a whole new level. A must-have for any Unity programmer.”
“Life changer for real. You can do so much with so little effort, and everything works perfectly. My new absolute must-have asset (and I have very, very few of them).”
"Using Odin is like having our own tools developer, it removes friction and allows us to prototype faster."
“Odin has allowed us to focus on what really matters: building our games and the tools that support them. Its API is so simple and easy to use that much of our custom inspector and project validation work has gone from taking days to minutes.”
Key benefits
Save hundreds of hours

A single developer using Odin can create editors in a fraction of the time that it would traditionally take a whole team.

Quality-of-life upgrades

Installing Odin brings instant benefits, with better list drawing, improved enums and object fields, and countless more tweaks and changes.

User-friendly editor

Odin provides all the tools you need to effortlessly build user-friendly custom editors and windows the way you want them to be.

Effortless integration

Odin products are easy to install and designed to integrate effortlessly into a preexisting workflow, for minimal onboarding hassle.

Intuitive API

Because the easy way of doing things should also be the right way of doing things, all Odin APIs are intuitive to use and well documented.

Full source code access

If something doesn’t work as you expect it to, you can always look it up in the well-documented source code.

Learn how Odin can simplify gamedev
Why do you need Odin?
Why do you need Odin?

What does Odin Inspector do exactly? What does it really do? Why do you need it for your project? Those questions and more are answered in this video.

What is the Odin Project Validator?
What is the Odin Project Validator?

Learn to easily scan your project for warnings and errors, and navigate quickly and easily through all issues to fix them inline right in the validator.

Odin every day
Odin every day

It’s not just for large projects or fancy editor windows. Even on simple small scripts, Odin can make your code easier to use. Discover some common uses for Odin Inspector.

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