Design visualization

Unlock creative freedom for better designs, faster

With Unity, designers and engineers can experience design models and data in a shared visual space improving collaboration and iteration speed, resulting in higher-quality designs and products.

Unity support for visionOS – be among the first to create for Apple Vision Pro and the new era of spatial computing. Learn more

Unity Industry for Design visualization

Unity Industry is a suite of products and support services for developers, artists, and engineers to build custom real-time 3D experiences for AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web.

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Success stories

Discover how others are using Unity to address product visualization challenges across various industries.

Holland Basham Architects

Improving design review in Architecture

Discover how Holland Basham Architects are adopting real-time 3D technology to improve design review collaboration and communication with clients and stakeholders. Plus, see a demonstration of the technology in action.

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Volvo VR

Faster design iteration in Automotive

Learn how Volvo Cars accelerates collaboration and innovation throughout the automotive lifecycle using real-time 3D. Find out how they achieved faster design iteration and reduced reliance on physical prototypes.

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Review designs quicker

Discover how designers at Honda achieved accelerated innovation and design review with an easy-to-use customizable real-time 3D tool. Find out how they realized significant efficiency savings by keeping the process in-house.

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The preferred platform for design visualization

For designers, engineers and architects, Unity is the preferred real-time 3D development platform for visualizing products and immersive collaboration.

Import your data

Import small to large assemblies of over 30 supported formats, including CAD, tessellated/mesh file formats, point clouds, and more.

Any platform, anywhere

View large models on any device or platform, including VR, AR, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

Multiuser collaboration

The ability to make changes to projects on-premise or in the cloud enables greater collaboration with users. Drive alignment around design decisions, avoid misunderstandings and errors, view and comment on what other users are seeing in real-time.


Looking for tips for your real-time 3D design visualization workflow? Explore customer stories, training and more.

A primer on immersive design visualization

Real-time 3D lets you explore more design options and iterate faster, allowing for design issues to be identified and resolved more quickly.

How to conduct collaborative design reviews

Discover how immersive collaboration can help your team catch flaws earlier, refine designs quicker and bring products to market faster.

Easily import your model data

Get complex models into real-time 3D. See how easy it is to import and optimize 3D data, including CAD assemblies, meshes and point clouds.

Bring your vision to life with Unity experts

Accelerate Solutions, Unity’s professional services team of engineers, creative directors, and industry experts, works with you to envision and execute your project.

Build the future with Unity Industry

Build immersive experiences that differentiate your business with professional real-time 3D creation tools for desktop, web, mobile, AR, and VR – backed by enterprise-level support – to ensure on-time results.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

All you need is your existing 3D model data plus Unity Industry.

Still figuring out what’s possible with Unity? Talk to an expert.

What if I want to build something custom?

Unity’s Accelerate Solutions team can help. Consisting of knowledgeable engineers, industry experts, and solutions architects, Accelerate Solutions can work with you to plan and execute your business’s digital transformation, and leave behind a working infrastructure that your team can manage.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the software options you need. Explore the available solutions for more details, including pricing.

How does this work with my existing 3D data?

With Pixyz you can import 40+ 3D model file formats. With Reflect Review you can bring Revit, BIM 360, Navisworks, SketchUp, and Rhino projects into real-time 3D.

What platforms can I publish experiences to?

Unity Industry allows you to deploy experiences to 25+ leading platforms including iOS, Microsoft HoloLens, WebGL, Android, Windows and more. For the full list, consult this document.

What training resources are available?

Unity Learn is a free resource with over 750 hours of live and on-demand learning content for all levels of experience. For example, check out this course which demonstrates how to build VR applications with Unity for immersive automotive design iteration and team collaboration.

In addition to Unity Learn, Unity also offers a premium on-demand training platform for professional developers. Get access to hundreds of hours of content created by Unity-certified instructors and become an expert at your pace.

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