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Subito looked to Aura to boost engagement 4x, grow scale, and diversify their user acquisition strategy
Jan 10, 2021

Subito is the marketplace leader in Italy, with 13M MAU and more than 6M daily ads live across 4 main verticals (Motors, Real Estate, Market, and Jobs). Subito is part of Adevinta, a global online classifieds specialist operating digital marketplaces in 12 countries with a portfolio attracting 1.3B average monthly visits.

Learn how Aura helped Subito support their existing marketing efforts and drive incremental revenue.

Expanding our UA efforts

Before partnering with Aura, Subito had already launched a cross-channel marketing strategy, and were looking for an additional source to deliver more scale and complement their existing channels. They found this in Aura, which offered a new kind of UA channel that could diversify their strategy and reach new audiences by running campaigns directly on leading European carriers’ devices.

Driving high-quality users with optimized targeting

Aura began by using exclusive opt-in data such as age and gender to reach users that most often installed other classifieds apps. Learning that the key demographic is males, 25-54, Aura targeted these users and immediately saw Subito’s performance improve.

Aura then implemented an additional level of unique optimization - targeting by device model. By excluding devices with low login rates, Subito was able to target the best-performing devices - ensuring Subito was attracting high-quality traffic without cannibalizing existing marketing channels.

Exclusive placements prompt 4x higher engagement

In addition to effective targeting options, Subito had access to mobile device placements unique to Aura - like the device update experience and in-life notifications.

The device update experience (DUE) encouraged new installs by allowing users to select the Subito app from a list of apps that were compatible with their device’s new OS. Together with Aura, Subito decided to use in-life notifications, which reminded users to open Subito if they downloaded the app but didn’t open it yet.

These two placements helped Subito reach users when they were engaged with their devices and their intent to install was high. As a result, Subito’s login rate jumped 4x from June to September.

Aura proved to be an excellent addition to Subito's existing UA channels, enabling long-term user growth with a longer LTV curve that drove incremental revenue over time.