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One-person studio Addiktive Games boosts eCPM 50% with ironSource in-app bidding
Mar 22, 2021|3 Min

Addiktive Games is the one-person mobile game studio behind the casual idle game, Idle Bubbles Cannon. As a solo operation, it was key for founder Pedro Navarro to find a robust, easy-to-use mediation platform with first-class data reporting. This would enable him to stay on top of his monetization operations while focusing on his passion - game development. Below Pedro shares his account of his partnership with ironSource and how it led to him to increase eCPM by 50%.

Solo operation

I first began making games back in 2011, but only got started in the mobile gaming space two years ago. As I had experience with Bubble Shooter-style games, I decided to transfer this know-how to my new adventure on mobile. That’s how Idle Bubbles Cannon was born.

Because I run a solo operation, from the beginning I recognized the importance of finding a mediation platform that would do the complicated monetization business for me, or at least make it much easier for me to manage. That way I can focus on developing and designing my game. 

However, the mediation platforms I tried using didn’t quite meet my expectations. I reached out to some fellow indie game developers for advice, and they recommended I give ironSource a shot. I put their advice to test and signed up for ironSource’s mediation platform, which has quickly proven to be the best solution for me.

First-class data reporting

Easy integration

It was very smooth and straightforward to integrate the ironSource SDK into Idle Bubble Cannon’s tech stack, which was very important for me seeing as I didn’t have a whole team behind me. The seamless experience continued as I began managing my monetization operations on the platform, which has a very user-friendly dashboard.

"For a developer like myself, who doesn’t have years of expertise in monetization management, having a platform that is intuitive to use and makes the whole process easier to operate is a huge advantage"

- Pedro Navarro, Founder, Addiktive Games

In addition, ironSource has a very detailed and informative knowledge center to help me fill any gaps in my understanding - and whenever I need to speak to the ironSource team, they’re fast to provide a helpful answer.

Easy testing

I started by using ironSource’s A/B testing tool to help me optimize my monetization setup. Because ironSource connects to so many top ad networks, I can access really strong demand to fill my game’s ad space. For example, I ran a test in which I added a rewarded video ad placement in my game to a group of users, and I saw that this had a positive uplift on my eCPM. As a result, I rolled out this ad placement to all the relevant users in my game to maximize my revenue.

First class reporting

The dashboard has fantastic analytics and data transparency: I can see all the data I need, from ARPDAU and DAU to ad engagement rate and usage rate within a few seconds. This means I don't need to rely on third-party reporting services to get my data, which is what many other game developers using different mediation platforms have to do. Everything I need is in one place, which saves me from an additional expense.

Growing the bubble

Since switching to ironSource’s mediation, I’ve increased my eCPM by 50%, which has enabled me to really grow my game into a successful business. With this significant jump in revenue, I’ve had the resources to reinvest in user acquisition, helping me grow my user base and in turn further grow my revenue.


I now have plans to develop a few more games to build on this success, and I’m very interested to try out ironSource’s bidding tool to automate my monetization operations and generate even more revenue.