Unity Teams

Unity Teams helps you and your team create together, faster. It makes it simple to save, share and sync your Unity projects with anyone.

Does your team need market-leading Version Control built for huge files? Need to work centrally or distributed and gain access to powerful branching and merging features? Click to learn more about version control systems. What is Version Control?

Using Unity Teams

Teams features are easy to use and integrated with Unity, so you can focus on creating together. We’ve also created a time-saving calculator so you can see how much time and money you and your team can save on projects.

Check out the Unity Accelerator

The Unity Accelerator is a local network proxy and cache service that speeds up iteration times for two major scenarios – source code download through Collaborate and asset pipeline importing – so you and your team can focus on creating.

The Unity Accelerator is a standalone tool that is now available for download on OSX, Windows and Linux.

Streamlining game development

Learn how Unity Cloud Build can speed your productivity as well as how Unity Collaborate makes it easier to work with the rest of your team – especially when working with artists.

How-to set up: Five minutes, five steps

For users who just want to get up and running quickly, here are some instructions to set up Unity Teams for your project in just a few minutes.

Mike Coeck, Antigraviator, Cybernetic Walrus

“With Collaborate for Unity Teams, we were able to set up and back up our project fast – we haven’t looked back since.”

Mike Coeck, Antigraviator, Cybernetic Walrus
Brian Winn, Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab, Michigan State University

“For our classes, Unity Teams makes project and build management easy between educators and students.”

Brian Winn, Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab, Michigan State University
Chad Moldenhauer, Cuphead, Studio MDHR

“Cloud Build for Unity Teams gave us time back, so we could focus on our game – not builds.”

Chad Moldenhauer, Cuphead, Studio MDHR
Onat Hekimoglu, Harold Halibut, Slow Bros

“Collaborate was exactly what we needed. You commit once and everything else is taken care of. Easy.”

Onat Hekimoglu, Harold Halibut, Slow Bros

Key benefits


Create together, faster. Save, share and sync your projects easily with your entire team.

Cloud storage

Store your entire project in the cloud, so it’s backed up and accessible anywhere.

Project history

Keep a complete history of your project. Undo changes and revert to previous versions as needed.

Cloud Build

Save time by streamlining how you create and distribute builds to your entire team.

Choose your plan

Unity Teams Basic

For small teams to get started. Add up to 3 team members and get 1GB of cloud storage.

Unity Teams Advanced

Starting at $9 per month
Perfect for growing teams and projects. Get 25GB of storage, Cloud Build, and the ability to add more team seats.

Free trial

Will I be automatically charged at the end of the free trial?

Yes. You can change this by managing your free trial subscription at

What happens at the end of the free trial if I do not renew?

If you’re over your default limits, you’ll need to to reduce the amount of capacity being used, or agree to purchase up to the amount of your current usage. If you don’t, you will not be able to publish changes to cloud storage, but you can download the project, and make changes to your local version.

How many team members can I have during the free trial?

As many as you need. You will be charged for the amount you specify when your free trial ends.

How much space can I use during the trial period?

Your trial comes with 25GB of Cloud Storage. You can purchase more as necessary.


How can I check how much cloud storage I am using?

From, select your Organization, then, select “Service Usage” from the left menu.

How are Unity Teams seats managed?

Like Unity Plus/Pro subscriptions, Unity Team seats are subscriptions assigned to members by their Unity Organization. Learn more about organizations.

What happens to my project data after the retention period?

For Unity Team Basic users, the latest version of your project and 90 days of history is accessible. At least 1 year of project history is kept, all of which is accessible should you upgrade to Unity Teams Advanced.

Can I create builds in the cloud as a Unity Teams Basic customer?

No. Creating builds in the cloud with Unity, either automatically or on-demand, is a Unity Teams Advanced feature.

What if I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

Submit your question to and include “Unity Teams” in the subject line.

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