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Pixyz Plugin for Unity
Onboarding guide: Get started with Pixyz Plugin
Ready to get the most out of Pixyz Plugin? This onboarding guide gives you the resources you need to connect your 3D data to Unity and build new experiences.

Install and activate

Follow the steps below to activate your Pixyz Plugin license.
Prerequisite: You must have Unity Pro installed and activated on your PC.


Start your Pixyz Plugin download here.


Review the installation guide.


Follow the activation guide to activate your Plugin license.


Visit the documentation page and import your first model.

Getting started with Pixyz Plugin
Pixyz Plugin
Introduction to Pixyz Plugin

Watch a video from our “Introduction to Unity Industry” webinar presenting the main Pixyz Plugin features.

Pixyz Plugin
Unity Industry: Creator Series

Watch a live demo by our Industry consultants dedicated to Data Ingestion in Unity using Pixyz Plugin.

Pixyz Plugin_Demo
Unity Learn – Pixyz Plugin

From bite-sized tutorials to full courses, develop the skills that will help you get the most out of Pixyz Plugin.

Pixyz Plugin
Video Tutorials

Our Pixyz Plugin video tutorials cover everything, from learning how to import CAD models into Unity to simplifying a mesh.

Deepen your knowledge with Pixyz Plugin

Upgrade your skill set with these useful resources, designed for beginner and intermediate users.

Improve workflows and productivity in Unity

Learn how to import CAD, BIM and point cloud data into Unity Pro using Pixyz Plugin. Get best practices for saving time and automating workflows as you create and deploy interactive 3D applications to devices like HoloLens 2.

Use Toolbox, Rule Engine and LOD Tool to optimize and stage a model

These tools allow users to accelerate the global process of CAD importation in Unity, by automating certain tasks, and by providing additional tools that eliminate the need to go through third party applications, reducing the time and work required to prepare your scene.

Enhance data prep workflows with scripting

Learn how to leverage the integrated Pixyz C# API to create custom actions that can be used in the Rule Engine and the Toolbox.

VRED to Unity import feature

Replace hours of manual work by importing VRED data directly into Unity in minutes.

How your peers are innovating with Pixyz

Learn how companies like Volkswagen, Autoliv and Arksen are reaping the benefits of Pixyz.

How Volkswagen visualizes vehicles for 2030 and beyond

Discover how Volkswagen leverages Pixyz to transform CAD data into interactive experiences to ideate, prototype and communicate across the design and development lifecycle. By visualizing in-car experiences for passengers, VW engineers are able to put themselves in the driver’s seat and make design adjustments in real-time.

Autoliv: Captivating customers with real-time 3D

This leading Tier 1 automotive OEM supplier is using real-time 3D technology to deliver a modern product visualization experience that has become a beloved asset for its global salesforce, in addition to hundreds of other employees across its business.

From design model to real-time 3D configurator: The canVERSE and Arksen workflow

Arksen needed a new way to showcase their latest marine exploration vessel that aligned to their core values – innovation, technology, and adventure. When they partnered with a design company specializing in creating shared 3D spaces that work across desktop, mobile, augmented and virtual reality, canVERSE knew Unity was the place to start.


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Get the most out of Pixyz

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