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Onboarding guide: Get started with Pixyz Plugin

Ready to get the most out of Pixyz Plugin? This onboarding guide gives you the resources you need to connect your 3D data to Unity and build new experiences.

Install + activate

Follow the steps below to activate your Pixyz Plugin license.
Prerequisite: You must have Unity Pro installed and activated on your PC. The Pixyz Plugin for Unity is only compatible with Windows.



Install Pixyz Plugin
Activate your license
Import your first model

Don't hesitate to consult the documentation.

Further your expertise with Pixyz Plugin

Upgrade your skill set with these insightful resources, designed for beginner and intermediate users.

Improve workflows and productivity in Unity

Learn how to import CAD, BIM and point cloud data into Unity Pro using Pixyz Plugin. Get best practices for saving time and automating workflows as you create and deploy interactive 3D applications to devices like HoloLens 2.

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VRED to Unity import feature

Replace hours of manual work by bringing VRED data directly into Unity in minutes.

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More powerful 3D data prep with new products and features

Pixyz’s products help teams leverage their computer-aided design (CAD), 3D and point cloud assets for real-time 3D, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) applications, which require significant volume simplification and heavily lightened models. Pixyz’s data-centric preparation solutions can import, export, optimize and render a large number of file formats, sizes and complexity while preserving critical information from the original data sources.

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Scripting optimization

Learn how to use the Pixyz Plugin for Unity from code.

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Using Toolbox, Rule Engine and LOD Tool for optimizing and staging a model

These tools allows users to further optimize and stage the scene to accelerate global process of CAD importation in Unity, by making common but cumbersome tasks automatic or semi automatic, and also by providing additional tools that would require your workflow to go through third party applications, increasing your overall time and work required for the preparation of your scene.

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Get the most out of Pixyz

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