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Operate your live game

Keep your players engaged with dynamic experiences. Access player insights, analyze behavior, and take actions right away through the Unity Operate dashboard.

Watch the Unity GDC Keynote  Live-Ops solution update with Danny Lange (VP of AI and Machine Learning)

Watch the Unity GDC Keynote Live-Ops solution update with Danny Lange (VP of AI and Machine Learning)

Customize gameplay based on player insights

With Unity’s data-driven Live-Ops solution, you can provide the best possible experience on every device by adjusting game performance settings in real-time. You can customize your offerings for different player segments without redeployment. And you can do it all from one centralized Operate dashboard that gives you access to all the optimization features. Get started today.

Run your game as a live service



Remote settings
Instant improvements

With Remote Settings,  there’s no need to redeploy to an app store or wait weeks for players to update your app. You can instantly modify your game for different player segments. What’s more, Remote Settings includes an Editor plugin, so getting started is fast and easy.

Standard events
Track specific player behaviors in your game

Standard Events enables you to get insight about sets of curated player events related to onboarding, progression, engagement, monetization, and navigation in your app. With Analytics Event Tracker, you can implement Standard Events codelessly.

A/B testing
Experiment and optimize

Natively integrated with the Unity Engine, A/B Testing allows you to make game-update decisions confidently based on the statistical results of your experiments. A/B Testing is designed to work seamlessly with Unity.

Track your success
Real-time with LiveStream

LiveStream enables you to track custom events that are important to the success of your game, such as the impact of your promotions right after launch. It provides easy-to-understand visualizations of the events via real-time geo-mapping.  (This feature is available with Unity Plus and Unity Pro.)

Raw data export
Better access to your data

The Raw Data Export API gives you full control of your own data and how you use it. Build your own data pipeline, run customized queries or even plug the raw data into your favorite business intelligence tools. All without the hassle of messy SDK integrations. Raw Data Export gives you faster and easier access to your data. (This feature is available only with Unity Pro.)

Increase retention and performance

Data-driven live-ops

Access player insights across all devices. Analyze player behavior within your app. Act upon the insights in real-time to customize player experiences.

Operate your live game with personalized experiences

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