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Use Leaderboards to amp up competition
Let players compare their performance to boost engagement and competition with customizable real-time leaderboards.
Our multiplayer teams at Unity are gathering in July and August to provide an overview of the latest Unity 6 multiplayer features as well as LiveOps.
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Let the games begin

Add a new social and competitive layer to your game experience with Leaderboards.

  • Sort scores from lowest to highest or vice versa as well as taking into account the best score, the latest score, or the total score
  • Segment players into buckets, create tiers based on ranking, and more to give players a better sense of progression
  • Reset leaderboards to keep the game fresh and increase engagement
Scale to support any size of player base

Scale to support any size of player base

Growing your player base is essential. That’s why Leaderboards is highly scalable – supporting millions of daily active users (DAU) – so no matter the number of players, your game can keep up.

Level up your leaderboards with other UGS solutions

Enhance leaderboards with UGS

Pair Leaderboards with services like Cloud Code and Economy for extra functionality such as rewarding players with in-game currency based on their ranking in a tournament.

Technical features of Leaderboards
Lightweight storage and costs

Efficiently manage your game’s leaderboards and lower costs with advanced reset options, manual or automated archiving, and versioning of leaderboards, which are automatically moved into less costly storage.

Simple engine-agnostic integration

The Unity SDK package allows for simple and fast integration with your game code and other Unity services. Leverage the CLI and REST APIs to get Leaderboards up and running with other engines of your choice.

Player tiering

Create tiers that players access only by attaining a specific score, rank, or percent of best score to easily create leagues and ranks in a few clicks.

Programmatic support

Leverage the UGS CLI to easily set up, manage, test, and deploy Leaderboards configurations. The CLI provides a scalable and automatable alternative to the Unity Dashboard and can greatly improve your team workflow and productivity.

Leaderboards API

Cloud code Javascript SDK for Leaderboards enables you to automate game features and capabilities, such as player score submission and viewing leaderboard placement.

Level up with other UGS services

Pair Leaderboards with Cloud Code, Cloud Save, Remote Config, and Economy to provide extra functionality such as rewarding players with in-game currency based on their ranking in a tournament.

Leaderboards pairs well with these services

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Bringing the social experience to your games

Introducing Friends and Leaderboards to help developers of all sizes add a new layer of social experience for players to their games.

“As a small team, UGS’s high-quality backend tools and services like Leaderboards have been a gamechanger for our development process and have allowed us to iterate on our games and develop new features at a much faster pace.”  
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Unlock friendly competition in your games

Improve player engagement and amp up your games with Leaderboard

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