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Everything you need to design and plan your game economy. Easily tune and scale to build a better game for your players and grow in-game revenue.
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Design with your players in mind

Build a customized in-game economy and offer your players seamless purchases, currency conversion, inventory management, and more. Integrate a fully-featured economy into your game and manage it through a streamlined dashboard.

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Create your own economy

Define the resources of your in-game economy and store balances, ownership, and purchase history for your players. Update your economy in real-time without updating the game client.

Key features

Define in-game currencies and securely store and keep track of the different balances for all your players.

Inventory Items

Create items and make them part of your players’ inventory.

In-game purchases

Set up a trading system between items and in-game currencies.

Real-money purchases

Use the IAP plugin to trade real money for in-game currencies or items.

Resources to hit the ground running
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What is an in-game economy

A strong in-game economy is much more than monetization. It’s the silent force behind player engagement, and it can define how players progress through your game.

Resources in an game economy include energy, lives, soft currency and hard currency
Building an in-game economy

Your in-game economy is a focal point for monetization, engagement, and player retention. Even the most complex-looking game economies are effective because they get the basics right.

Mapping sources and sinks in a game economy
Designing a balanced in-game economy

No two players are the same – your economy must account for that to ensure that all players have a positive experience with your game.

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A closer look at Game Backend

Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

backend use cases
Nine use cases for Unity Game Backend

Building a backend to support your game systems isn’t easy, and you may not be able to build, host, and scale your own servers. Find out what our tools can do for you.

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The Unity Gaming Services Use Cases are a collection of samples that show you how to solve common development challenges. Read our article on our latest sample: the battle pass.

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Build your game with Unity Gaming Services

Looking for an alternative to GameSparks? Unity Gaming Services has the battle-tested solutions you need to build, manage, and grow your game.

Learn more
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Review the manual to help you get Economy up and running in your game.

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Build your foundation

Explore our newest solutions for Game Backend, including Cloud Save, Cloud Code, and Authentication.

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Engage your players

Perfect the player experience with targeted engagement using our latest Analytics and Player Engagement solutions.

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Build more, pay less

Everything you need to launch, manage, and operate your game – at a fair price. Our products are designed to work for AAA studios, indie developers, and everyone in between.