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Unity for technical artists: Key toolsets and workflows (Unity 2021 LTS edition)
Oct 14, 2022
Palace dome with a woman in the middle

The first of its kind, this guide compiles detailed summaries of all Unity systems, features, and workflows for experienced technical artists. Use it as both a source of inspiration and a reference for accessing more advanced creator content to expand your skills or enrich your onboarding experience to Unity.

While the original version of the e-book was based on the 2020 LTS, this latest iteration reflects what’s available in 2021 LTS.

This e-book provides an overview of the toolsets and systems in Unity that technical artists can use to help their teams meet the visual requirements of their games. It was assembled with input from some of Unity’s most experienced technical artists, including colleagues from the Stockholm demo team, creators of Enemies, The Heretic, Book of the Dead, and other high-end demos.

Download the guide today to learn about the authoring tools and APIs available with Unity that will help you set up an efficient content creation pipeline, and support everyone on your team to deliver their best result.