Global infrastructure services that scale to meet demand

Our Multiplay specialists create custom game server hosting solutions. This global network of engineers and operations professionals draws on market-leading experience and our value-added services to ensure exceptional player experience and greater creator success.

Webinar: Taking your game to the world, December 12 at 10:30 GMT

Learn how to deliver a better experience for your gamers and team with our optimized and flexible game server infrastructure.

Hosting AAA Multiplayer Experiences

Watch this talk where EA and Multiplay discuss launching AAA games, including details on the launch of Titanfall 2.

“We will continue to work with Unity's Multiplay team to support our future online multiplayer titles and we can't recommend them enough.”

Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

Enterprise infrastructure, platform and team



Hybrid Cloud

We offer the most scalable, resilient and cost-effective orchestration service through optimized cloud and bare metal infrastructure.

Managed infrastructure

Our enterprise-grade bare-metal dedicated servers support you globally across over 100 data centers, at the OS level or managed via our award-winning orchestration platform.

Professional services

Our global team of professional services experts delivers game-specific services and expertise, all backed by our 24/7/365 technical operations staff.

Free proof of concept

Discuss your real-time multiplayer project with our team of solution engineers. Once we understand the unique requirements of your project, we will provide you with a free proof-of-concept deployment. Discover how our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness will ensure your game’s ongoing success.

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