Game server hosting from Multiplay

Discover the most scalable and resilient game server hosting solutions, backed by premium support and expert consultancy services.

Trusted by the biggest games

Multiplay works with leading studios worldwide, like Respawn Entertainment and PUBG Corp, to tackle some of the biggest infrastructure challenges facing the industry. It offers a customized game server hosting solution that works with any engine and any platform, so you can focus on what’s important: your game. 

Services from Multiplay

Hybrid cloud

The perfect blend of bare-metal and cloud servers, hybrid cloud is the most resilient and scalable way to host your game. The team's unrivaled expertise can help you deliver the best player experience.

Managed infrastructure

Our enterprise-grade dedicated bare-metal servers have been battled-tested by studios worldwide. An elite team of game-hosting infrastructure experts supports our servers.

Professional services

Get 24/7/365 global support and consultancy from a team with over 20 years’ experience hosting hundreds of multiplayer games.

"Working with Multiplay gives us more flexibility, more local data centers, endless scalability, and the highest reliability, so we can offer the best service to millions of players."

Jon Shiring, Lead Engineer, Respawn Entertainment

“We will continue to work with Multiplay to support our future online multiplayer titles – we can't recommend them enough.”

Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

Get started with a proof of concept

Discuss your real-time multiplayer project with our team of solution engineers. Once we understand the unique requirements of your project, we can get you started with a proof of concept. Discover how our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness will ensure your game’s ongoing success.

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