Hébergement du serveur de jeu chez Multiplay

Exécutez une plateforme d'hébergement de serveur multicloud et de matchmaking flexible sans avoir à créer et à entretenir votre propre infrastructure. Éprouvé à grande échelle pour certains des jeux les plus populaires au monde.

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Hassle-free game server hosting

Get your game up and running in minutes with global networking designed for any capacity, so you can seamlessly scale from ten to millions of players. Focus on making your game the best it can be, with support from an experienced team of gaming specialists and an integrated matchmaker to accelerate development.

Years of multiplayer expertise

Rogue Company by Hi-Rez Studios

Years of multiplayer expertise

Launch with services trusted by the biggest multiplayer titles. Rely on our years of experience and the same proven infrastructure supporting today’s most popular multiplayer games including Apex Legends, Among Us, and Rogue Company.

Reduce your operating costs by migrating to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)

Whatever game engine you use, leverage the experience of the Unity team to migrate your game to save on your hosting costs. Game Server Hosting is trusted by today’s biggest multiplayer titles to scale from tens to millions of players to keep them playing.

Réduisez vos coûts d'exploitation en migrant vers l'hébergement sur des serveurs de jeux (Multiplay).

Among Us d'Innersloth

Game server hosting

Simple self-service workflows to get up and running quickly

Complete your setup in minutes and work with multiplayer experts to move to our managed service when the time is right. Use SDKs to integrate your game server binary with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), and upload your builds directly from your cloud object storage using CLI functionality.


Automated orchestration

Scale the number of servers in your fleet up and down automatically in response to player demand, ensuring you always have enough capacity available without wasting resources.

SDK support

A Unity SDK is available to enable integration with your Unity-built game and get you started quickly. Unreal SDK coming soon.

Container uploads

Containers let you package your game server and all its dependencies as an image and upload it from your engine. Push it to the registry and Unity will do the rest.

Guided workflows

Our guided workflows will guide you through the setup process to get you up and running in the minimum amount of time possible.

Quality of Service

Automatically locate the optimum region for match connectivity. Operating across the globe, Quality of Service (QoS) gives your players a stable connection wherever they are.

Integrated matchmaking

Deliver a better player experience with rule-based matchmaking, supported by global networking infrastructure that delivers low latency and fast matches.

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Get started today with an $800 credit for Game Server Hosting (Multiplayer) and Matchmaker services.


Check out the guide to learn how to launch your game with Unity Game Server Hosting.

Get in touch with the Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) team

Are you looking for enhanced support, planning a large-scale multiplayer game or have complex requirements that you want to discuss?


1. Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) hosts more than 77M game sessions between July 8th
and August 8th, 2023. As of Aug 22, 2023. Source: Internal Unity systems

2. As of Aug 22, 2023. Source: Internal Unity systems. We can provide the date
achieved if required.

3. Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) may reduce your hosting cost per player by between 30-40% depending on your game design, player numbers and distribution as of Q2 2023. As of Q2 2023. Source: TCO Estimator. Disclaimer: Dependent on your game design, player numbers and distribution.

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