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ECS for Unity
ECS for Unity (Entity Component System) is a data-oriented framework compatible with GameObjects, enabling seasoned Unity creators to build more ambitious games thanks to an unprecedented level of control and determinism.
Unity Megacity Demo built on DOTS

Enabling seasoned Unity creators to build more ambitious games

Unity powers a large majority of games on the market, many of which do not need ECS to be built. ECS for Unity brings value to seasoned Unity creators who need additional control and determinism to achieve more ambitious games.

An optional framework compatible with the GameObject ecosystem

ECS for Unity offers streamlined workflows and a familiar authoring experience in the Unity Editor, compatible with GameObject ecosystems. Creators can leverage their existing Unity expertise and assets to focus on creating ambitious games.

Megacity shot
Game code based on ECS can quickly adapt to major gameplay changes

Game code based on ECS helps development teams quickly absorb important gameplay changes by eliminating most of the refactoring that would have been necessary with object-oriented architectures.

Game code based on ECS provides complete control and determinism

ECS for Unity provides memory control and determinism by design, creating optimization opportunities at scale, and new game code possibilities based on determinism. ECS for Unity is a C# package distributed with source code, allowing users to explore, debug, and extend it.

Best use of hardware with Burst, the C# Job System, and ECS game code

Game code based on an ECS architecture pattern can avoid the drawbacks of object-oriented programming with GameObjects. And by leveraging game code based on ECS, Burst Compiler, and the C# Job System, development teams can maximize the performance of target platform hardware resources at the memory and CPU level.

Megacity demo built on DOTS
Spikeless streaming and memory-efficient large-scale rendering

ECS for Unity offers an efficient data pipeline that enables streaming and rendering of complex, large-scale game experiences, fitting the memory and processing constraints of low-end to high-end devices.

Planet gravity still
Enables large-scale simulation and powers Havok Physics for Unity

Simulation code based on an ECS architecture pattern can scale to an unprecedented number of entities and ensure determinism. For complex productions needing a AAA, production-proven, physics engine, ECS for Unity powers Havok Physics for Unity, providing the determinism and control to scale for complex simulations.

Snowy racecar scene
Designed to support the creation of ambitious multiplayer games

When using ECS, users can synchronize more data over the network, support more players, build games highly reliant on rollback and determinism, reduce development risk, and decrease iteration time. ECS for Unity comes with a server-authoritative netcode library.

ECS Samples and Tutorials
megacity multiplier
Megacity Multiplayer

Learn more about building ambitious multiplayer games using ECS for Unity and Unity Gaming Services (UGS) with a third-person multiplayer action sample that supports 64+ players.

ECS Racing
ECS Network Racing

Multiplayer racing sample exemplifying an implementation of client/server architecture with client-side prediction, interpolation, and lag compensation.

ECS Gameplay code
ECS tutorials

Explore self-guided tutorials, videos, and samples for users to learn and use ECS for Unity, including Entities, Collections, Burst, Mathematics, and C# Job System.

The path to leveraging DOTS in production
Ramen VR and Electric Square

Learn how ECS for Unity helped Ramen VR scale up gameplay for Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMO; and how Electric Square used ECS to achieve deterministic gameplay for QA, design loops, and streaming for Detonation Racing, a fast-paced Apple Arcade racing game.

V Rising showcase
Stunlock Studios

See how Stunlock Studios used ECS throughout the development of V Rising, an open-world, multiplayer survival game, including world building in the Editor with custom visual scripting and scalable open-world streaming.

Unity at Devcom with IXION
Kasedo Games

Learn how Kasedo Games used ECS for Unity to power heavy NPC simulation for IXION, their city builder, survival, and space exploration title.

ECS Callout
Get started with DOTS

Check out some of the resources to help you get started with DOTS and learn about the fundamental concepts of data-oriented design.