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Find the most valuable users to achieve your campaign goals and keep your app or game growing.

Campaigns that work harder for you

Unity User Acquisition (UA) solutions enable you to easily run ad campaigns and be seen by millions every day on apps and games. A diverse ad supply, advanced targeting tools, insightful analytics, and self-serve dashboards help you manage your campaigns and profitably scale your app or game.

Get started with user acquisition

Acquire dashboard

The Unity Acquire dashboard is your place for setting up and making changes to your campaigns directly in a self-service dashboard.

Get the Ads SDK

If you’re advertising with Unity, access the Ads SDK to take advantage of the lastest UA features developments and updates.

Audience Pinpointer

Audience Pinpointer helps you pay the right price for each player by determining a dynamic cost-per-install based on your goals, such as return on ad spend (ROAS) and retention.

Solutions that deliver results

Unity user acquisition solutions provide the tools you need to find valuable users at scale, while maintaining a profitable ROAS.

Greater reach at scale

Our buying expertise and premium inventory can help broaden your reach and maximize your user base.

Advanced targeting

Machine learning helps you improve targeting and optimize your campaigns for ROAS and retention while respecting privacy.

User Acquisition Reporting
Actionable analytics

Access actionable analytics in a dashboard that makes it easy to set up and manage your campaigns.

Ad formats
Diverse ad formats

Discover engaging ad formats that capture users attention, such as rewarded video, playables, interstitials and even AR.

Unity User Acquisition

Unity Ads SDK

The SDK provides visibility of your game’s entire user base. Our machine learning technology uses this data along with contextual signals to help optimize campaigns that target new users more accurately.

Audience Pinpointer

Audience Pinpointer is a powerful ROAS and retention tool that uses machine learning to help you find the players most likely to have value. Using dynamic pricing, it lets you bid more for predicted high-value users and less for easy-to-find users.

Automated bidding

With an automated bidding strategy, you can maximize installs for your campaigns and optimize allocation throughout the day, allowing you to scale your game without exceeding your budget.

Case studies

Read these in-depth customer stories about how game publishers use Unity Ads monetization solutions to achieve campaign goals.

How Trailmix went from soft launch to a global success using Audience Pinpointer

Learn how the studio collaborated with Unity from early stages all the way up to global release to refine their targeting, test creatives, and help them scale up their user acquisition.

Space Ape triples its daily users with Unified Auction

Learn how an exclusive partnership with Unity tripled daily active users (DAU) for Fastlane: Road to Revenge.

Unity Ads delivers new players for GameJam

GameJam launches and monetizes dozens of hyper-casual games with help from Unity.

Learn why Uken went exclusively with Unity Ads

After going exclusive with Unity Ads, Uken experienced a 15% increase over its baseline in engagement (sessions) and a 7% lift in retention.

unity ads data

Unity Ads data analyzed

Dive into user acquisition and monetization trends, benchmarks, tactics, and strategies that will help your game see continued success.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my campaign’s performance?

Our machine learning algorithm will always work to find the best users for you. However, the two main factors that contribute to a successful ad campaign are using engaging creatives that drive conversion rate and making competitive CPI bids.

What is cost-per-impression billing?

This is a billing method through which you are charged based on the number of impressions your campaign receives. Regardless of the billing method, your campaigns will still be optimized for installs.

How do I integrate the SDK?

To get started, simply follow the integration instructions, which you can find here.

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