Grow your app with Unity's user acquisition solutions

Get your app discovered by new users to achieve your user acquisition goals and keep your mobile app growing.

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Grow your app with efficient and diverse ad campaigns

Grow your app with efficient and diverse ad campaigns

Unity’s Advertising solutions enable you to run ad campaigns for your mobile app and be seen by millions of users every day on other apps and games.

Solutions for user acquisition

Unity has tools to support your team with soft launching a new title, scaling new apps and games, and managing existing ones.

Performance Campaigns

Reach audiences at scale while maintaining a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS). Whether you monetize with ad revenue or in-app purchases, our performance campaigns deliver quality users to your app.

Engagement Campaigns

Optimize toward retention goals to reach audiences that are most likely to download and stay in your app to support lifetime value (LTV) and complement your monetization strategies.

Scale Campaigns

Get the most installs while reaching your target audience with precision. Set all targeting parameters manually, such as operating system, device type, language, and geography, and gain complete control over your campaigns.

Why Unity

Powerful technology

Machine learning helps you improve targeting and optimize your campaigns automatically for scale, retention, and ROAS while always respecting ever-changing data privacy requirements. Simply set your targets and let Unity’s algorithms optimize the rest for you.

Flexible tools

Set up, manage, and measure campaigns using Unity’s intuitive dashboard and reporting tools. Or, if you prefer, plug into Unity via APIs and use your own tools. The choice is yours.

Diverse ad formats

Showcase your app in engaging ad formats. Unity currently supports video, playables, and end-cards.

Robust supply and fair auction

Unity’s advertising exchange provides advertisers and demand-side platforms (DSPs) with access to quality inventory, a comprehensive range of advertising formats, and reach of over 2.5 billion devices globally allowing massive scale for your mobile campaigns.

The industry’s standard for app growth

70 out of the top 100 grossing apps in the United States for iOS and Android trust Unity’s advertising solutions to grow their mobile app.

Case studies

Read these in-depth customer stories about how game publishers use Unity Ads monetization solutions to achieve campaign goals.

How Candivore made Match Masters a success using Unity's ROAS campaigns

Candivore partnered with Unity to advertise the game using Unity’s ROAS campaigns to grow their user base, going after valuable players that would keep coming back for more.

Trailmix goes from soft launch to global success with Unity's Performance Campaigns

Learn how the studio collaborated with Unity from early stages all the way up to global release to refine their targeting, test creatives, and help them scale up their user acquisition.

Unity Ads delivers new players for GameJam

GameJam launches and monetizes dozens of hyper-casual games with help from Unity.

Space Ape triples its daily users with Unified Auction

Learn how an exclusive partnership with Unity tripled daily active users (DAU) for Fastlane: Road to Revenge.


FAQ: Launching user acquisition campaigns

Unity experts have answered the most common questions when onboarding and launching campaigns with step-by-step recommendations, best practices, and general advice to shorten your learning curve.

Looking to monetize your app?

Unity also offers monetization tools such as in-app ads and in-app purchases to create a  revenue stream from your app while protecting your users’ experience. 

Unity Ads data analyzed

Dive into user acquisition and monetization trends, benchmarks, tactics, and strategies that will help your game see continued success.

Learn the lingo

Explore the Unity Ads glossary to learn – or refresh – your knowledge of the industry’s most commonly used terminology.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

Use the Unity Dashboard to set up and manage your own campaigns [learn more here], or contact us directly to get connected with a dedicated Unity client partner.

How can I improve my user acquisition campaign's performance?

Our machine learning algorithm will always work to find the best users for you. However, the two main factors contributing to a successful ad campaign are engaging creatives that drive conversion rate and making competitive CPI bids. For more tips, please see documentation on optimizing.

What user acquisition campaign types are available?

Unity Ads provides tools for different advertiser’s goals:

Scale: Get as many installs as possible according to your budget (CPI and Automated Bidding Campaigns)

Engagement: Target and acquire more engaged users with the highest retention (Retention Campaign)

Performance: Optimize towards a specific monetary value of your user and keep a margin from your ad spend. (Return-on-Ad-Spend Campaigns)

Where can I find more documentation?

Visit our comprehensive documentation library to learn about our user acquisition products and get all the technical information you need to get started.

Still have more questions? Check out the expanded FAQ here.

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