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Whether you are a performance marketer, brand marketer, or demand-side platform (DSP), Unity’s advertising solutions have everything you need to meet your campaign goals.

User acquisition

As the leading game development platform, Unity has unique behavioral insights, premium advertising inventory, and self-service tools to help you grow your app or game. 

Sissie Hsiao, VP/GM, Display, Video, App Advertising

“At the end of the day, an advertiser cares about the performance for their advertising, and they care about brand safety, and they care about reach, from an advertisers’ perspective, [mobile gaming] is about those three things.” 

Sissie Hsiao, VP/GM, Display, Video, App Advertising
Greg MacDonald, VP - Marketplace Partnerships, Verizon Media

“Unity delivers a scaled marketplace with ad opportunities on the frontier of consumer attention.”

Greg MacDonald, VP - Marketplace Partnerships, Verizon Media
Nicol Cseko, VP Product at Aarki

“From the very start of our partnership, Unity has become a key supply partner for Aarki and provides one of the top video experiences in the market. With Unity, we can consistently reach quality audiences for our portfolio of advertisers and see performance across key KPIs at scale. We see Unity investing in growing their exchange and are looking forward to a continued close partnership with the Unity team.”

Nicol Cseko, VP Product at Aarki
Ikkjin Ahn, Co-Founder & CEO, MOLOCO

“Our programmatic performance engine consistently ranks Unity among the top mobile inventory sources in the world. Their commitment to privacy, viewability, and fraud prevention ensures a level of ad quality that empowers us to scale client budgets exponentially while still hitting ROAS targets, especially when it comes to video. Other unique features like loss notifications, contextual signals, exclusive publisher inventories, and top-notch service make them an easy partner to recommend.”

Ikkjin Ahn, Co-Founder & CEO, MOLOCO

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Head to our knowledge base to find information about the platform and integration documents that allow you to participate in Unity’s real-time bidding exchange.

Brand marketers

Unity’s ad platform reaches 2.2 billion devices globally and serves more than 23 billion ad impressions per month. This massive scale enables brand marketers to leverage a variety of ad formats, including AR, playables, and mobile video, each of which can both deliver immersive experiences and scale easily.

Immersive ad formats

Consumers want to feel a connection with brands, yet capturing their attention is challenging. Captivate your audience and create an opportunity for brand engagement with immersive ad formats like videos with interactive end cards, playables, and augmented reality ads. 

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Engaging environments

Consumers are spending more time than ever in apps, and gaming apps present promising environments with valuable engaged audiences to capture greater attention and mindshare.

Global scale

Get your message out and reach your audience at scale. With 1.9B global devices reached, 17B ads served each month, and almost 1B monthly completed video ad views, Unity can help you engage with your audience effectively to achieve your campaign goals.

Responsive AR ads

Responsive AR ads let you create unforgettable marketing that intelligently interacts with the real world. Marketing content begins as a 3D-rendered ad unit, and users can be given the opportunity to enhance this with AR after a brief familiarization period. Since the ad is interactive no matter what the user chooses, brands can design with purpose.

Sales & Marketing

Use the leading real-time 3D platform to create bleeding-edge experiences, stay at the forefront of innovation, and drive high consumer engagement with new immersive advertising formats.

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