Acquire the most valuable players

Unity’s proven solutions maximize your spend by finding the right players at scale.

Report Builder

Build custom reports through a drag-and-drop interface to surface deeper insights, measure your performance and make optimizations to grow your games business successfully. 

“Unity has consistently been our Top 3 performer in terms of Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Very dependable, with a strong account management team!”

Gene Park, User Acquisition Strategy Lead, Hothead Games

“In our experience, video ads deliver highly engaged users - and it has been a pleasure working with the Unity team on Unity Ads.”

Erlend Christofferson, Director of User Acquisition, Supercell

“Unity Ads delivers quality performance at scale. We’ve consistently reached or exceeded our ROI targets, and playable ads let us reach highly engaged users at much higher volume than before.”

Ling Tijan, Sr. Manager, User Acquisition, Kongregate

“Unity Ads is our go-to network for driving high-quality volume at scale. They consistently deliver the best results of all our ad networks time after time.”

Alessandra Sales, Director of Marketing, Smule

“Unity Ads account management team is one of the best in the business They provide us with the information and care required in order to maximize our marketing reach.”

Walter Neto, User Acquisition Manager, Game Circus

A full pipeline of new players

Audience Pinpointer

Based on predicted in-app behavior at the individual player level, Audience Pinpointer makes sure you are paying the right price for each player through dynamic CPI (cost per install) based on your optimization goals.

Cross Promotion

With easy setup and no additional SDK required, Unity’s Cross Promotion solution enables you to run your game ads within another one of your games, driving awareness and bringing you many new players.

Ad formats

Engaging ad formats that capture users’ attention, including playable ads and landscape/portrait videos (up to 30 seconds), which are dynamically optimized for maximum conversion.

Source bidding

Sources are valued differently based on your goals as an advertiser. Now you have the flexibility to granularly target and price sources to acquire users and effectively grow your game. 

Get the most out of your spend

With our proven tools, spend smarter on user acquisition while growing your pipeline at scale.



Global audience of 1.5B devices every month

Get the reach and creative freedom you need to deliver results. Each month, Unity ads appear on 1.5B devices, giving you valuable access to highly engaged audiences at scale.

Automation and services to spend smarter

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms use data, including geography, devices, Wi-Fi/cellular, and OS versions, to predict user behavior and deliver optimal results.

Dynamic data for easy campaign management

Make real-time adjustments to your campaign with simple self-service tools that allow you to enable, pause, increase bids and more, all based on reliable dynamic data.

Everything you need to drive valuable users to your game

Backed by the leading game platform, our purpose-built solutions help you maximize your user acquisition budget by finding the right users for your game at scale.

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