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Proven ways to engage new users


Rewarded video and interstitials are some of the most engaging ad formats out there as they command attention to improve ROI.

Playable ads

Players can experience part of the game before download to drive more engagement and conversion.

End cards

End cards support video ads to drive conversion. These full-screen units follow the video and offer your audience an easy call to action inviting them to install the game.

Helpful resources

Explore ways to improve your ad creatives for user acquisition campaigns.

Best practices for video

Video remains the leading ad format for in-game advertising. Check out our best practices for creative approaches to video in this guide.

Best practices for video

Creative ad testing app

Creative ad testing app

Use the app to test your video and playable creatives to ensure the ad units are compatible with the Unity Ads environment.

Creative specifications

Get more information on maximum file sizes and types, video lengths, and best practices in our technical documentation.

Creative specifications

Bulk uploading creatives

Bulk uploading creatives

Upload your ads in bulk and monitor their moderation status as well as do mass modifications with Unity’s dashboard tools.

unity ads data

Unity Ads data analyzed

Dive into user acquisition and monetization trends, benchmarks, tactics, and strategies that will help your game see continued success.

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