What is a DevOps methodology?

DevOps is a software development methodology and culture that removes silos around developers and operations. The goal of DevOps is to minimize inefficiencies and enable rapid release cycles.

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How does Agile work in DevOps?

Where DevOps is cross-functional, Agile focuses only on developer workflows, with a “fail fast and recover” approach to development. This is achieved through short, incremental development cycles called sprints, where different teams work on specific aspects of a project before integrating everything for testing.

Similarities between DevOps and Agile

Regular release schedules: While their iteration schedules differ, both DevOps and Agile practitioners aim to launch new builds on a consistent basis for iteration and testing. Studios using DevOps release updates and new builds several times a week, while Agile studios follow a sprint model, where sprints toward new builds can last weeks to months. 

Delivering customer value: Agile embeds external feedback into the development process. DevOps goes further with continuous monitoring across the entire software lifecycle.

Challenges: Implementing DevOps or Agile systems can be a significant cultural shift for development teams. With DevOps, the traditionally separate development and operations teams must learn to work together seamlessly, while Agile’s flexible approach to team structure and work practices can require some adjustment.

DevOps Vs Agile

Key differences between DevOps and Agile

Scope: DevOps is an end-to-end process, covering production, pre-production, launch, and post-launch support, while Agile focuses solely on production. 

Continuous improvement vs continuous everything: DevOps focuses on “continuous everything” across a product’s lifecycle, leveraging automation to reduce inefficiencies. The Agile software project management framework aims to improve team cohesion and focus and bring customer and stakeholder feedback into sprints to ensure continuous improvement. 

DevOps tools vs Agile tools: Because of its focus on automation and scale, every stage of DevOps lifecycle implementation relies heavily on tools and cloud services. Agile is more about process and meeting cadences. Tools are used primarily in the planning phase to organize backlogs, calculate burndown charts, and track productivity. 

How do DevOps and Agile work together?

Studios can and should benefit from DevOps and Agile practices. A DevOps methodology helps teams deliver software updates more consistently and frequently, positioning them to respond quickly to feedback and market shifts. Agile practices like Kanban or Scrum keep workflows organized, improve quality and performance, and enable better collaboration.

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