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FunPlus Games Beats ROAS Target By 58% With Tapjoy Offerwall Ads
Jul 10, 2021
case study-funplus-guns-of-glory

FunPlus Games is a highly successful mobile game publisher known both for titles like King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, as well as its reputation in the competitive gaming industry — its own FunPlus Phoenix team was crowned League of Legends 2019 World Champion.

FunPlus originally partnered with Tapjoy in 2013 to maximize its user acquisition strategy. Since then, the publisher has achieved radical growth goals, securing its reputation as a premier mobile strategy game developer. However, over the years the mobile gaming market began to mature, approaching saturation. As competition drives UA costs up, FunPlus became increasingly eager to attract more high-value players.


Tapjoy and FunPlus collaborated on a plan: FunPlus would bid higher for users who could pass certain high-value milestones in its games. They leveraged Tapjoy’s CPE product (Cost-per-engagement) which allows developers to pay for users that meet certain engagement criteria — not merely for impressions or installs. FunPlus was able to bid more granularly, maximizing each user’s value and making its campaigns more effective in the Tapjoy offerwall. By running CPE campaigns globally, FunPlus saw dramatic increases in users and revenue, exceeding its ROAS target.


FunPlus increased the number of new users in their acquisition funnel by 32x quarter over quarter. Furthermore, these new users proved to be of the highest quality — because they had completed ingame milestones at the offset, their lifetime value far outweighed the cost of their acquisition. In fact, with Tapjoy’s CPE product, FunPlus exceeded their ROAS goal by 58%.

Overall, Tapjoy’s CPE product proved to be an ideal solution for acquiring high-value users at scale. These results were so encouraging that FunPlus increased its monthly UA budget tenfold. Additionally, in some regions, it increased its CPE bids by 50-100%.

32x more new users quarter-over-quarter

58% over ROAS goal

10x Increase in Monthly UA budget

“PPE brings us better user retention and ROAS, It’s working so wonderfully for our games and we will always consider Tapjoy a top partner.”

- Daphne Li, User Acquisition Director