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Bole Games increases installs 173% and slices eCPI by 30% with ironSource’s cross promotion solution
Nov 3, 2022
case study-bole games

Bole Games is a giant in the world of mobile slot games, holding the greatest market share of the genre in all of China. Across its portfolio of titles, the developer has acquired a high quality user base with strong interest.

But user churn is a threat to any studio, and Bole Games is no exception. High quality users are hard to come by and easy to lose, so maximizing the LTV of each user across their portfolio was a top priority. To do this, the studio looked to cross promotion.

Hear from Wang Peng, Director of Monetization and Cao Xiang, Director of User Acquisition at Bole Games, on why Unity LevelPlay offered the best option for them and how it helped the slot game studio retain its high quality users across its wide portfolio of Android apps.

Exploring cross promotion

“We already had a high quality user base across our titles, consistently generating upwards of 90% of our revenue from IAP alone. However, we couldn’t rest easy - with user churn being a real and present risk. To combat users leaving our apps for competitors, we looked to cross promotion to shuffle users across our portfolio rather than seeing them walk away completely.

We began exploring cross promotion with native placements on our titles, directly advertising our games to our users. However, it soon became apparent that it’d require heavy development work and an intensive reallocation of resources.

"ironSource enabled us to quickly and easily integrate a cross promotion solution that allowed us to retain users at optimal eCPM and stay competitive."

Following this, we partnered with a company that uses static instances for our cross promotion campaigns on an ad network. But, this didn’t yield the results we were looking for and wasn’t as efficient as we would have liked. In addition, this solution lacked transparency into our cross promotion performance, making it difficult to optimize.

Our own private bidding network

ironSource approached us and intrigued us with their unique cross promotion solution - which utilizes in-app bidding technology to create our own private bidding network. This had several advantages for us over the other solutions.

ironSource enabled us to quickly and easily integrate a cross promotion solution that allowed us to retain users at optimal eCPM and stay competitive. The CPI pricing model of the tool compared to the competitor’s CPM model was also highly attractive for us.

The visible effect of ironSource's cross promotion solution

In June, we began running cross promotion campaigns on all our Android titles using ironSource's tool and the results were immediate. To date, we’ve almost tripled our install rate at an increase of 173%. Hand-in-hand with this rise we saw our eCPI fall by 30%.

cross promotion campaigns

The right choice

We began exploring cross promotion with a clear goal: to share our users across our titles and prevent churn. Now, having clearly succeeded in retaining our users across our titles with ironSource's solution, we’re confident that we made the right choice.”