Unity 5.6.1 Patch 3

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  • Animation: Optimized evaluation of complex blend trees, and blend trees with empty child nodes.


  • (915805) - Android: Changed threshold to recognize big cores of ARM big.LITTLE architecture better.
  • (915659) - Build Pipeline: Fixed a crash when building a project containing materials with missing shaders.
  • (883901) - Graphics: Fixed an issue in mesh compression that under the 'right' circumstances would have caused the maximum value in the range to be rounded to the minimum value.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed a crash in DrawMeshNow. It will now throw a null reference exception instead of crashing.
  • (898923) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when mesh was removed from meshrenderer on an object with cloth component.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed R8 & RG16 texture support for D3D11.
  • (898285) - Graphics: Fixed Texture2D.PackTextures not copying the source texture data correctly in an uncompressed atlas with non-zero padding.
  • (914197) - IL2CPP: Allow now the Guid attribute to be used on generic types.
  • (916365) - Metal: Fixed the issue of not rendering of standard shader with webgl emulator.
  • (910302) - Mono: Corrected a crash in the C# compiler when two or more overloaded operators were used in the same statement.
  • (914470) - Mono: Prevent a crash in a crash in mono_class_from_mono_type when using "new Enum[]{}" array in the script.
  • (914171) - Mono: Prevent an intermittent crash in Unity when the managed debugger is attached.
  • (none) - Multiplayer: Fix for the issue where reliable messages can be dropped in high dropping rate environment.
  • (916515) - Performance Reporting: Fixed an issue where native symbols for iOS builds were not uploaded when building on OSX Sierra.
  • (912024) - Physics: Fixed a crash where contacts for Collider2D were not deleted correctly.
  • (916478) - Physics: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting an EdgeCollider2D when attached to a Rigidbody2D in certain poses.
  • (896253) - VR: Fix for Android not being able to change AA (Anti-Aliasing) settings at runtime.
  • (899030) - VR:Ffix for VR on PC doesn't render if rendertexture format RGB565 is created, crash possible.
  • (916281) - Windows Store: Fixed IL2CPP not being able to build C++ code with VS 2017 Update 2.

Revision: ede8e3f4adbd


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