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Unity Mars
Create augmented reality (AR) apps with better workflows and plain-language authoring tools.
Unity Mars is included with Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industrial Collection.
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Specialized tools for AR creators

Unity Mars helps solve the hard problems of AR app creation:

  • Overcome the challenges of authoring for dynamic physical environments
  • Reduce development time
  • Release cross-platform experiences with support for iOS, Android, and HoloLens
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Faster workflows for AR development

Accelerate content workflows with intuitive creation features:

  • Plain-language authoring reduces coding needs
  • Test your app in the Unity Editor against a variety of environments
  • Templates help you get started more quickly
Unity MARS demo on a mobile device

Use your mobile device for AR authoring

The AR Companion app enhances Unity Mars workflows by:

  • Capturing environment data
  • Scanning objects (Mac required)
  • Light AR scene editing on device

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Key features
Plain Language Authoring
Plain-language authoring

The rules workflow describes AR layouts and behaviors in plain language. Rules allow you to set conditions or actions for surfaces and objects, reducing the amount of code required to build your app.

Proxy-based workflow

Build your app with proxies that represent real-world objects. With a framework in place, you set conditions and actions on your proxies to tell the app how to respond to them.

Simulate in editor
Simulate in the Editor

Use simulation environments to test your app within the Editor in order to spot issues and cut down on iteration time.

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Customizable building blocks

Get started with templates that cover popular AR use cases, including a training tutorial application that works with all Unity Mars indoor and outdoor environment templates.

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Intro to Unity Mars

Get an overview of Unity’s advanced AR authoring tool, why we built it, what problems it solves, and how to get started.

Man interacting with AR interface
Unity Mars for enterprise

Join us for an expert-led walkthrough of enterprise applications for Unity Mars.

AR environment game
AR Foundation and Unity Mars

Learn how to use Unity’s AR stack to build immersive games.

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Unity Mars 101

Get familiar with Unity Mars with this free step-by-step course on Unity Learn.

“We don’t see ourselves creating AR applications without Unity Mars going forward.”
WILL HUMPHREY / SUGAR CREATIVELead Creative & Studio Manager
“Using the Unity Mars Simulation view, we’re able to quickly iterate content while testing it in a variety of unique environments, all without making a single build.”
Try it free for 45 days

Trial details:

  • 45-day free trial
  • Cancel any time before the end of the free trial period
  • You’re automatically subscribed for one year after your trial ends
Buy Unity Mars
  • $50/month per license on an annual commitment (or $600/year)
  • Works with Unity PE, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise
Inclusion in Unity plans
  • Unity Mars is included in Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry
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