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Are you mixing licenses within your organization?

All users within an organization must be on the same Unity plan.

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Each user needs to have their own Unity license.

Unity Pro or Unity Industry?

If you create applications outside of games or entertainment and your company’s total finances exceed $1,000,000 USD, Unity Industry is the right solution for you.

Unity Software End User License Agreement (EULA)

These terms of service apply to the use of the Unity Pro, Unity Plus, and Unity Personal subscription plans.

Tier eligibility

You and everyone using the Unity Software on your behalf must be Tier Eligible at all times. “Tier Eligible” means that your Total Finances cannot exceed the defined Financial Thresholds for the tier of Unity Software you (or those providing services to you) are using. Tier Eligibility is measured for the most recent twelve (12) month period. If you are mid-project, and your Total Finances grow to exceed the Financial Threshold of the Unity Software tier you are using, you do not need to start from scratch – you can simply upgrade your license and continue working. How we measure your Total Finances varies based on who you are. Financial Thresholds are shown in US currency and your Total Finances will be converted to US currency to determine your Tier Eligibility.

How total finances are measured

If you are a Legal Entity using the Unity Software (other than to provide services to someone else), your Total Finances are your gross revenues and/or funding (no matter what the source),

If you are an individual or a Legal Entity providing services to a third party, your Total Finances are deemed to be your customer or client’s Total Finances, and if you are an individual using the Unity Software, but not providing services to a third party, your Total Finances are the amount generated in connection with your use of the Unity Software. In this case, your Total Finances would not include amounts you generate from other work (for example, if your day job is as a zookeeper).

By using the Unity Software, you represent and warrant that you are Tier Eligible to use the tier of Unity Software you are using and those being used on your behalf. You understand that it is your responsibility to maintain complete records establishing your Tier Eligibility and you bear the burden of proving your Tier Eligibility if we ask.

Financial thresholds

The Financial Threshold for Unity Personal is US $100,000 for the most recent twelve (12) month period. To be Tier Eligible to use Unity Personal, your Total Finances may not exceed US $100,000. If your Total Finances exceed US $100,000 you may not use Unity Personal at all, even for internal projects or prototyping.

The Financial Threshold for Unity Plus is US $ 200,000 for the most recent twelve (12) month period. To be Tier Eligible to use Unity Plus, your Total Finances may not exceed US $200,000. If your Total Finances exceed $200,000, you may only use Unity Pro.

There is no Financial Threshold for Unity Pro. You do not need to be Tier Eligible to use Unity Pro; Unity Pro may be used by anyone who pays the applicable subscription fees.

For clarity, these Financial Thresholds apply whether or not you use the Unity Software as part of a Unity Plan.

No mixing or co-mingling

Unity Software tiers with different Financial Thresholds may not be used at the same time by one entity or individual or for or on behalf of one entity or individual. You must upgrade all subscriptions if your Total Finances exceed a Financial Threshold. Unity reserves the right to disable your use of the Unity Software if you attempt to use two tiers simultaneously. If you are using Unity Pro and want to provide services to a customer or client who is Tier Eligible to use Unity Plus, contact us and we will give you an exception.

Unity may monitor your compliance with and enforce these restrictions and requirements, including but not limited to monitoring the number of downloads of your Project Content, and any available revenue estimate data.

Unity Personal users may be required to complete a user survey in order to activate the Unity Software.

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Illegal copying of software and the use of cracked versions of software are against copyright law. In addition, You may not distribute, deliver, reassign, rent or transfer the software to a third party pursuant to the provisions of the Unity Terms of Service.