Mobile game development made simple

70% of the top 1,000 mobile game developers choose Unity. Make high-quality Android and iOS games with the engine built for every phase of development, from concept to creation to LiveOps.


Why Unity is the leading mobile game engine

Unity is more than a user-friendly engine for making high-end multiplatform mobile games – we also offer a range of solutions to manage your game’s entire lifecycle. Whether you’re launching on Android, iOS, or an alternative mobile game app store, Unity supports mobile game developers from concept to live operations.

From RPGs to Match-3s, 75% of top-grossing mobile games feature 2D visuals. Unity’s industry leading 2D toolset helps you create eye-catching graphics and bring them to life on different mobile devices, with tools for 2D animation, 2D physics, 2D lights, and much more. 

Looking to bring high-fidelity visuals to your mobile audience? Challenge expectations of mobile game graphics by harnessing the power of the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). This scriptable render pipeline allows you to deliver high-quality visuals quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Level up your 2D art

Making sure your game is optimized for mobile can be a challenge. Art assets must be efficient, and code has to run well on potentially thousands of target platforms to preserve battery life and keep players playing. You also have to consider everything from multiple screen form factors and resolutions to device memory and CPU or GPU variability. There’s a lot to think about, and you need to get it right to prevent player churn.

Minimize performance issues easily with Unity’s suite of profiling tools, including the Memory Analyzer and Profile Analyzer, Input system, Device Simulator, and URP.

Start optimizing

Success on mobile means being where your players are. To achieve that, you need to be able to rapidly create quality experiences for players across a huge variety of mobile devices. Unity’s extensive platform support means you can build your mobile game once and reach billions of players. Our package ecosystem makes it easy to customize the engine to your specific needs, and a range of render pipelines are available to help you take on the challenge of developing games that run well on many different platforms, including Android, iOS, and more

Expand your reach

Mobile game development is hard work, and you want to make sure it pays off. Mobile app stores and top games charts are already overflowing, with many new games being released each day. How will you stand out?

Unity Ads is a versatile tool that can help you to drive players to your game right from launch. With a growing player base, you can then focus on creating a monetization system that’s fair to your audience and fits the creative vision of your game, using Unity Ads, Unity In-App-Purchases, or Unity Economy.

Get players

Gone are the days when game development stops at launch. Mobile platforms have been leading the evolution of games running as services, which requires game developers and studios to think about their LiveOps strategy. 

Unity offers many services to handle the complexities of LiveOps for mobile games. Multiplayer services help host and manage multiplayer games at any scale, backend tools help manage the fine details of player data and authentication, and specialized analytics tools help to understand your players’ behavior to improve your game and increase retention.

Learn LiveOps

Mobile games made with Unity

Among Us

Learn how InnerSloth partnered with Unity to build and manage a cross-platform mobile game with over 60 million daily active users.


When prototyping games, even enterprise studios need to create quickly and fail fast. Learn how a six-person team at Gameloft completed 30 mobile game projects in a year, with a one-week-to-testing-gameplay requirement.

Little Orpheus

Learn how The Chinese Room created “one of the best things to come out of Apple Arcade” using user-friendly mobile game development tools from Unity to produce a grand adventure for players on iOS.

Take the leap into mobile game development

Start creating with a user-friendly mobile game engine, then deploy cross-platform and manage your mobile game’s post-launch lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps in mobile game development?

Developers usually create their mobile game using an engine like Unity, then launch it on mobile app stores. Once your game has been released, you have to monitor your players and provide a steady flow of content and design updates to keep players happy. This is called LiveOps, or GameOps. Check out our Mobile solution guide to get started.

How difficult is mobile game development compared to cross-platform game development?

Mobile platforms like iOS and Android are easier in the sense that anybody can publish their games there, which isn’t quite true on consoles. However, you also have to learn those app stores and compete with millions of other games. Still, mobile is the fastest growing games platform, with billions of players, so the risk can be worth it.

Do I need to have coding knowledge before developing a mobile game with Unity?

Unity has tools that are friendly to non-programmers, and it also includes a visual, node-based coding system, for visual scripting. So you can definitely get started without code, but at some point you will want to start learning C#, a beginner-friendly coding language, to make really great games.

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