2020 LTS + 2021.2 Tech Stream


Build optimized, high-performing games by leveraging under-the-hood enhancements in our new releases to streamline your coding experience and create with confidence.

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One platform. Endless possibilities.

Check out a curated list of the features and workflows included in our newest releases, Unity 2020 Long Term Support (LTS) and 2021.2 Tech Stream. Both versions add quality, productivity, and performance to your coding experience, so you can deliver beautiful, performant games to your players.


Access stable workflows for you and beautiful experiences for your players.


Unlock efficient iteration and workflows for your team.


Get more horsepower to seamlessly create and deliver world-class game experiences.

Unity 2020 LTS

LTS リリースは、最大の安定性とサポートを重視するクリエイター向けのリリースです。これにはコーディング体験を合理化するための改善、改良されたテストとプロファイリング、その他の機能強化が含まれています。よりスムーズなワークフローにより、より少ない時間でより多くのことを達成し、制作したゲームをできるだけ幅広いプレイヤーの元に届けます。

First seen in 2020.2, Safe Mode is now in the 2020 LTS


Unity now comes with Safe Mode, so you can load up the Editor with a simpler interface to address any compilation issues in your project. This lets you focus on providing a great experience for your users by harnessing streamlined productivity and a superior development workflow.


Unity 2020 LTS improves coding efficiency by supporting most of the latest C# 8 syntax additions, such as streamlined switch expressions and nullable reference types. Unity supports many other additions to C# 8 to give you the ability to write less code for more functionality.


Developers, get the most out of your project with our profiling tools. In the Unity Profiler, you can now see performance data in charts, gain insights into serialized functionality to identify potential areas ideal for multi-threaded code, and access a Profiler API that exposes performance data points at runtime.

1 回ビルドすれば、どのプラットフォームにも届けることができる

ユーザーが望む場所であればどこにでもコンテンツを届けることができます。Unity なら、AR、VR、モバイル、PC デバイスを含め、最新のハードウェアを最大限に活用し、次に何が登場してもそれに備えることができます。

OpenXR のサポート

Khronos が提供するオープン標準である OpenXR を Unity がサポートするようになり、幅広い AR/VR デバイスにわたってリーチを最大限に高めることを支援します。

AR Foundation 4.0

AR Foundation 4.0 は、iPhone 12 Pro や iPad Pro に搭載された LiDAR センサーを使用した ARKit のシーンのメッシュの再構築をサポートし、新たなレベルの現実感をもたらす AR 体験を実現します。

Quest 2 のサポート

Unity の最新の機能とテクノロジーを活用して、Oculus プラットフォームで素晴らしい体験を実現します。Oculus Link を使用して、Unity Editor から直接プロジェクトのイテレーションを行うこともできます。

Adaptive Performance 2.0

Adaptive Performance 2.0 に、可変リフレッシュレート、スケーラー、あらゆるデバイスで Adaptive Performance をエミュレートする Adaptive Performance シミュレーター拡張機能などの新機能を紹介するための、サンプルプロジェクトが付属します。

2020 LTS リリースの詳細を見る


2020 LTS のその他のコーディング機能

Learn about more features included in the 2020 LTS release, including Deterministic Compilation, root namespace, improvements to the overall build process, and more.

2020 LTS ウェビナー

Watch this webinar to learn about key features included in our newest LTS release.



2021.2 Tech Stream

The Tech Stream release is for creators who value having early access to newer features that help them stay on the cutting edge. With continued focus on increasing stability and improving iteration speed, this release includes an upgrade to the latest Mono, feature sets, performance improvements for a large number of in-Editor operations, and much more.


Ensuring you have access to the latest syntax and coding standards is a top priority for Unity. We’ve upgraded the bundled Mono version and exposed the latest .NET language features via C# 8, leapfrogging years of Mono versions. Also, .NET Standard 2.1 is now supported.


Feature sets are a new way of efficiently adding related packages to your project with one click, giving you confidence that you’re not missing any essential features to achieve a specific outcome, such as 2D or VR development. We’ve also made huge strides in improving iteration speed, especially import and build times.

Package manager screenshot from Unity Editor

Gauntlet on planet


We’re improving our render pipelines across the board. For example, improved stability for our VFX Graph implementation and advanced Shader Graph integration in VFX Graph means your graphics code runs more smoothly and with more features such as rendering lit particles in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Platform reach for your projects

We’ve continued to build capabilities for you to target different platforms with great performance and innovative features.

View module icon
Get started with AR and VR templates

Boost your productivity when creating AR and VR projects with templates that ensure the correct packages are installed. They’ll also set you up with a default scene hierarchy, along with clear next steps to finish configuring the project to meet your needs.

Android asset building

To ensure seamless Play Store publication, we’ve added direct support within Unity for Google Asset Delivery requirements. This handles bundling assets together to fit within the size limits the Play Store expects for installation, then easy access for “fast follow” asset delivery.

Oculus icon
Improved Oculus latency

We’ve reduced rendering latency on VR hardware such as Oculus Quest with support for late latching and motion vectors.

VR goggles icon
OpenXR support

We’ve built on our OpenXR support to allow you to target any OpenXR-conformant device, including Windows Mixed Reality, HoloLens 2, SteamVR, and Oculus Rift and Quest.

Increase graphic performance with NVIDIA DLSS

NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) uses AI to run real-time ray-traced worlds at high frame rates and resolutions, with a substantial performance and quality boost for rasterized graphics.

Adaptive Performance 3.0

Unity’s continuing partnership with Samsung helps to provide you with the tools you need to get best performance for your mobile-based projects.

Learn more about the 2021.2 Tech Stream


More coding features in the 2021.2 Tech Stream

Discover what’s new for programmers in the 2021.2 Tech Stream, including URP support for XR projects, even more efficient build processes, synchronous support for addressable assets, and more.

Unity Roadmap

Review our future plans for features and functionality across the Unity platform, and let us know what you think.





If you are in production or close to launch, we recommend the latest LTS release. If you want to use the latest Unity features in your project or are just getting started with production, the Tech Stream is recommended.

Learn more about our different releases here.

TECH ストリームリリースとは何ですか?

This release is for creators who value exploring in-progress features to stay on the cutting edge for their next project. This version is primarily recommended for the preproduction, discovery, and prototyping phases of development.

Learn more about our different releases here.

LTS リリースとは何ですか?

The release for creators who value maximum stability and support for their next project. This is our default release, and it’s primarily recommended for creators past the preproduction phase of development who are about to lock in production on a specific version of Unity.

Learn more about our different releases here.


In an effort to provide more clarity around package readiness and expected release date, better quality packages, and as a direct response to feedback from you, we’ve created a more rigorous process for labeling packages, as well as a new categorization system.

Learn more here.


アルファ版とベータ版は全ユーザーにご利用いただけます。サインアップは不要です。利用を開始するには、Unity Hub からダウンロードしてください。これらの早い段階のリリースでは機能の安定性に問題がある可能性があるため、制作中のプロジェクトでの利用はお勧めしません。また、アルファ版またはベータ版でプロジェクトを開く前に、プロジェクトのバックアップを取っておかれることを強くお勧めします。