Unity Distribution Portal

Enable game distribution to multiple app stores through a single hub.

Create once, publish everywhere

UDP reduces the engineering complexities associated with publishing to multiple app stores, enables you to distribute and operate games in local markets, and connects you with hundreds of millions of players worldwide through participating app stores.

How much does UDP cost to use?

UDP is entirely free for developers.

What devices does UDP work with?

Unity-supported Android mobile form factors.

Does UDP support device optimization?

No. UDP is a distribution solution. Hardware-related optimizations are beyond the scope of this service.

Do I need to register directly with UDP stores?

Yes. You own the publisher relationship with the UDP stores. This arrangement gives you the flexibility to have custom terms with the stores and makes the payment process more efficient. That said, UDP will streamline store registration, where, in most cases, you can simply use your Unity ID.

Do I have to submit my game to all UDP stores?

No. You choose which stores you want to give your game to inside the UDP console. For app stores with regional or global reach, you can also decide in which countries you are allowing your game to be distributed.

What happens when I push my game to the stores?

Your game will be reviewed by each store you submit it to. If a store accepts your game, it will then onboard the game and coordinate the launch. You will always be notified of the status of your submission.

Does Unity handle the store payouts?

No. We believe it is more efficient for you to conduct business with the store directly. Stores will ask for your banking information when you register with them so that they can pay you directly.

My game uses 3rd-party SDKs for tracking, optimization, ads, etc. Will UDP block these services?

No. However, certain stores will alter your game’s package name, and UDP will sign your store-bound builds with its own certificate, so check directly with your third-party providers how this may impact their service in your game. Note also that each store might have specific rules and policies regarding SDK implementations, so we recommend checking their guidelines specifically.

Does UDP support non-Unity games?

Currently, UDP only supports games made with Unity. We will soon launch a SDK to support Native Android SDK builds.

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