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Build for Apple Vision Pro today

Be among the first to create games, lifestyle experiences, and industry apps for Apple Vision Pro and usher in the new era of spatial computing.

Create spatial experiences

Bring your existing content to a whole new audience or create brand-new spatial apps for Apple Vision Pro.

Familiar features and workflows

Use the tools you know and love, including the Unity Editor, AR Foundation, and the XR Interaction Toolkit.

Get started easily

Start building for visionOS with robust templates, samples, and documentation.

Build together with Unity

Get the most from Unity’s support for visionOS with professional training, consulting, and success services.

Transform the way you play, collaborate, and work

Unity enables a wide range of experiences, from games and entertainment to industrial use cases like training.
Mixed reality


Bring a new level of interactivity to your games and apps by porting them to visionOS or creating all-new optimized experiences.
Lifestyle apps


Create apps that help your users increase productivity, embrace a more mindful life, or manage their day-to-day tasks.


Blend real and virtual worlds for better team collaboration, create next-gen shopping experiences, and improve employee training.

We make our titles available on whatever device players want to use, and Unity’s multiplatform support and comprehensive tools for spatial computing development make it straightforward to leverage our experience using Unity and easily get started with Apple Vision Pro.

Tommy Palm
Tommy PalmCEO and Founder of Resolution Games

Get started on your first visionOS project

Follow these three steps.

Choose the right plan for you

All Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry subscribers can access Unity’s visionOS Support and create for the new era of spatial computing.

Download the latest version of Unity

Unity’s visionOS Support is available for all subscribers on Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry using Unity 2022 LTS.

Explore visionOS development with Unity

Follow the step-by-step instructions in our blog post.

Everything you need to know about visionOS

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Learning resources

These in-depth resources guide you through our visionOS support and beyond.

On-demand training

Get self-paced and video-based learning with our exclusive 8-course series to help ensure success for your visionOS game or app. Included with Unity Industry and Unity Enterprise.

Live 1:1 and hands-on training

Sign up for personalized training and learn topics tailored to your needs to build your first application for Apple Vision Pro.

Technical documentation and templates

Dive in with detailed instructions and samples for visionOS and start building spatial experiences.
“Building our app upon the Unity platform gives us the foundation to scale our services across multiple platforms - from launching our new AI powered features on mobile to delivering beautiful immersive wellness experiences on Apple Vision Pro. The support we received from the Unity team always goes above and beyond.”
Unity and PolySpatial is a game-changer in Apple Vision Pro development. Its seamless integration, and fast iteration times simplified development. This was key to successfully delivering an immersive experience with stunning photorealistic visuals.

Tailored expertise for your unique project needs

Talk to our team to learn how we can help you leverage Unity’s powerful tools and workflows to build compelling spatial experiences.

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