Unity Ads

Integrate relevant ads natively into your game experience while maximizing revenue.

Drive revenue and player engagement with rewarded video

Rewarded video is more engaging than any other online advertising format. With nearly 70% of users demonstrating favorable attitudes to rewarded video, Unity reaches them at scale without negatively impacting player retention.

The most robust ad solution in gaming

Scale and precision across ad sources

Unified Auction delivers the highest revenue to developers, whether the advertiser came from Unity, Google, or one of over 40 other demand partners.

Comprehensive format support

Natively integrate any format – like rewarded video, banners, interstitials, rich media, playables or even AR – into player gaming experiences to boost CPM results.

Simple Setup

​​​​​​Integrate ads directly in Unity’s development platform. Even games built on other platforms can simply integrate with Unity Monetization 3.0 to generate sustaining revenue through lifetime value optimization and advanced analytics.

Maximize your revenue with Unified Auction

Traditional Waterfalls

Traditional waterfall methods leave money on the table by stacking ad partners based on historical results. This is not only inefficient, but can create latency in serving the ad. With a user’s attention increasingly at a premium, milliseconds can make the difference in whether or not an ad is even displayed. 

Unified Auction

Unified Auction gives all advertisers a fair chance to win the impression. The highest bidder wins every time, with reduced latency in serving the ad. A fair and unbiased auction means higher bids for your traffic, faster ad serving to reach more eyeballs, and ultimately more money in your pocket.

Space Ape triples its daily users with Unified Auction

Learn how an exclusive partnership with Unity tripled DAU for Fastlane: Road to Revenge.

The most comprehensive monetization platform for games

Purpose-built for the leading mobile game platform, the Unity Monetization SDK 3.0 makes it easier than ever to get started. Whether you are running ads, IAP, Personalized Placements, or any combination, see what you can do with our most comprehensive SDK to date, and how you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Integrate Unity Ads

Check out our Quick Start Guide or simply get started on your own.

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