Optimize your ads while respecting privacy

Our SDKs help you acquire users with more accurate targeting and ensure you always have the latest user acquisition (UA) capabilities.

SDK for advertisers and publishers

If you advertise and monetize with Unity, upgrade to the latest version of our Ads SDK.

SDK for advertisers only

If you use Unity only for advertising (and not monetizing), learn how to integrate our SDK for user acquisition.

Improve your ad targeting accuracy

Our SDKs provide visibility of session and in-app purchase events over your game’s entire user base. Our machine learning technology uses this data along with contextual signals to help optimize campaigns to more accurately target players with higher lifetime value (LTV).

Scale ROAS and retention

For advertisers using Unity’s Audience Pinpointer tool, our SDKs help maintain effective return on ad spend (ROAS) and retention campaigns in a privacy-focused environment. Gain better visibility across your networks and expand your reach.

User acquisition in a privacy-focused landscape

With the ad industry shifting towards a privacy-first model of data collection, our SDKs help ensure advertisers are able to deliver relevant ads to users, providing a positive user experience while respecting their privacy choices.

Access to the latest features for user acquisition

Integrating our SDKs ensures that advertisers always have access to the latest features, updates, and improvements for running user acquisition campaigns through Unity.

Key benefits

Positive user experiences

Our SDKs facilitate positive experiences by respecting users’ privacy choices when serving targeted ads to them.

Powerful machine learning

Our SDKs provide additional data to machine learning models. This improves targeting accuracy and lowers data requirements for advanced UA campaigns.

Optimized for Audience Pinpointer

Our SDKs help maintain targeting accuracy and scale ROAS and retention for advertisers that are using the Unity Audience Pinpointer tool.

Helpful resources

iOS 14 Advertisers Guide

Get your campaigns ready for changes to ad tracking with this helpful guide that includes resources to prepare advertisers for running campaigns in iOS 14.

Preparing for iOS 14

Learn how Unity and Mobile Deluxe, one of the top publishers of Made with Unity games, are getting ready for the changes in cross-app tracking with iOS 14.

iOS 14 Resource Centre

Prepare for ad tracking changes in iOS 14 with Unity resources, features, and content to help publishers and advertisers transition to a new privacy-focused ad environment.

Reach your audience and captivate them

Unity’s advertising solutions have everything you need to meet your campaign goals. Learn how to tell your game’s story with ads that engage your players.

Frequently asked questions

What are SDKs for user acquisition?

Due to privacy changes relating to iOS 14, Unity recommends upgrading to one of our SDKs that help optimize your campaigns’ performance and insights. If you are advertising and monetizing with Unity, upgrade to the latest Ads SDK version. If you are only advertising with us, you need to integrate our deltaDNA SDK.

Which SDK do I use if I am advertising AND monetizing with Unity?

If you are monetizing with Unity, then you are already integrated to our Ads SDK. You need to ensure that you are using version 3.7 or above, which is our iOS 14-compliant SDK. Read more here.

Which SDK do I use if I am ONLY advertising with Unity?

If you are only advertising and NOT monetizing with Unity, then you need to integrate our deltaDNA SDK (a company Unity recently acquired). You can find information about the SDK and the integration guide here.

Can I use Unity SDK with an adaptor from my mediation partner?

Yes, our SDK works whether it is installed via an adaptor or without one. Clients who are working with a mediation partner will use an adaptor.

Will the SDK still work if I do not initialize at app start as recommended?

We recommend initializing at app start for all users since this allows us to help improve your optimization. Once Apple’s ATT Framework is enforced, you will not be able to identify which user is attributed to each network.

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