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Create immersive VR experiences, augmented reality apps, and location-based entertainment with Unity.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Sugar Creative

Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Sugar Creative

Build stronger brand connections – virtually

Make brand touchpoints and audience experiences so immersive they’re unforgettable. Take visitors on a journey into virtual reality (VR). Invite consumers to engage with your app as they browse, try on and purchase. Give students, staff, or spectators an augmented reality (AR) experience they can reach out and touch.

Brands expand their reach with AR and VR

Wayfair Inc.

Wayfair uses AR to help users easily visualize how furniture designs would look in their homes. Users scan their floor plan with their phone, then select decor products and drag-and-drop them into place using their smartphone as a viewfinder.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An amazing AR Alphabet!
Sugar Creative

Sugar Creative used Unity MARS to bring engagement and interactivity to young readers, and to ensure their learning experience would retain the magical quality and memorability that Dr. Seuss achieved with his beloved characters.

LEGO® AR Playgrounds
LEGO Systems A/S

The LEGO AR Playgrounds app brings LEGO characters to life amid physical LEGO sets, where players can interact with their digital creations and physical LEGO scenes too. With multi-user support, two people can play together in the same playground.

Visionaries 777

Nissan Mitsubishi worked with Visionaries 777 to create an AR experience that enables customers to explore every detail of the INFINITI QX50, zoom through the interior, and customize the vehicle by choosing paint colors, wheels, and other options.

Nike React: Game of Go
Wieden + Kennedy I MediaMonks

Game of Go is a location-based experience in Los Angeles, created to celebrate the launch of the Nike React shoe. The installation offered people the chance to test the sneakers’ fit and feel in a virtual race against other visitors.

Walmart VR Training Experience

Walmart upgraded employee training at Walmart Academies nationwide using VR, using Oculus VR headsets to provide training to more than a million employees. They plan to use VR to train associates in new technology, empathy and customer service, and compliance.

Welcome to the Other Side

Welcome to the Other Side was a live concert held in virtual reality, bringing together millions of people to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the midst of the global pandemic.

My Dino Mission AR
Factory 42

Two skills-building apps created during the pandemic use a multisensory and interactive approach to engage and share educate kids right in their own homes.

Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Director, Sugar Creative

Unity MARS is the toolkit that has allowed us to realize a new horizon, a shift in the potential of immersive experiences, by enabling them to become truly dynamic.

Will Humphrey, Lead Creative & Studio Director, Sugar Creative

Create AR and VR experiences with Unity

Unity Pro

Use Unity’s professional, real-time platform to create brand experiences and immersive applications in any industry.

Unity MARS

Add the Unity MARS toolset to author context-aware mixed and augmented reality apps that integrate with the real world.

XR solutions for brands and creative studios

How can you eliminate barriers between you and your consumers? Equip your dev team with the tools to invite audiences into your world – so they’ll welcome you into theirs.

Build once, deploy anywhere

No more adding development time building a different version of your app for every platform. 

Whether it’s for a headset or handheld AR experience on mobile devices, the Unity unified workflow allows developers to build once while taking full advantage of platform-specific features.


Performance without compromise

Now you can squeeze every bit of performance out of the devices you build for. With Unity’s deep technology integrations, you gain more confidence in the user experience by lowering the risk of dropped frames, unexpected battery drains, and overheating.

Add immersion, not friction

Enhance your existing app with immersive AR content – without reworking your app, developing the AR experience from scratch, or asking your users to download yet another app. Insert AR powered by Unity directly into your native mobile app.

Design for every variable

You could spend a lifetime coding and still not predict and account for every scenario. Room size? Furniture position? User height? Every data point demands more code. With Unity solutions for AR and VR, you can author complex, data-oriented apps visually, and accommodate more variables.

Accelerate time to market

Manually testing your app on every device type you’re designing for is time consuming… especially when each new change multiplies testing time. With tools like Unity MARS Simulation testing environments, you can test AR experiences for all your devices and get feedback in real-time – without leaving the Unity UI.

Make experiences that feel real

Getting started with an augmented reality app? Unity MARS incorporates sophisticated real-world data – such as geolocation, time of day, multiple object proximity, and room size – and bridges it to the digital environment – to feel more realistic and natural within the person’s actual surroundings.

Take a closer look

Intelligent AR

Unity MARS delivers responsive, location-aware AR experiences by bringing real-world environment and sensor data directly into the creative workflow.

Supercharge AR development

From games to faces to tabletops to DIY, starter templates are predesigned, customizable building blocks that help AR developers save time in Unity MARS and deliver projects faster.

From imagination to reality

What keeps immersive apps from feeling integrated into the environment? How is exploring AR ideas different from other media formats? Will Humphrey from immersive studio Sugar Creative shares some insights based on the development of AR success stories Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up and Dr. Seuss’s ABC – An Amazing AR Alphabet.

Plain-language authoring

Imagine the lines of code it takes to recognize the ground and plant it with blades of grass. With Unity MARS Rules, you could boil this down to just a sentence and help dev teams author faster.

Unity’s immersive tools in the news

Dr. Seuss Goes Augmented

From social media filters to games to location-based art, learn how Unity MARS is enabling mobile AR to continue finding new ways into the mainstream.

An augmented reality Wallace & Gromit story

Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up debuted at AWE 2020. Read about how fans are invited to enter Aardman’s augmented world via a mobile app made in Unity MARS.

Unity MARS – an AR Creation Studio

Check out the first two projects launched using the intelligent AR capabilities of Unity MARS.

Magic Leap And HoloLens go to MARS

See how Unity’s AR tools allow developers to build one AR application that works across multiple major platforms.

Take your journey into XR

Learn how you can create a truly interactive XR experience for your customers that responds to the world around them.

Brand marketers

Unity’s ad platform reaches over 2 billion devices globally and serves more than 23 billion ad impressions per month. This massive scale enables brand marketers to leverage a variety of ad formats, playables, and mobile video, each of which can both deliver immersive experiences and scale easily.

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