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Four big construction problems solved by AR and VR
Oct 20, 2021
Building metal foundation beam

The scale and complexity of projects may be rapidly evolving in the construction industry, but one thing has remained the same: scope, schedule, and costs are still the three factors that contractors live by.

It often seems like the only way for contractors to stay on budget, remain within scope, and deliver projects on time is to predict the future. But because contractors don’t have access to a crystal ball, they often turn to the next best thing: integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into their construction practices and processes to solve many of the issues that plague the industry.

In this playbook, we examine four construction problems that can often be solved using AR and VR, including:

  • Justifying building designs through the strategic use of AR
  • Using AR and VR technology to bridge the communication gap between stakeholders
  • Reducing jobsite injuries and rework with training and onboarding

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