SpeedTree 9.5.2


SpeedTree Modeler 9.5.2

To access prior versions of SpeedTree Modeler, version 9.0 and below, please visit store.speedtree.com


  • Exporting: Fixed a crash that occurred when exporting to USD with malformed names.
  • Generation: Fixed a bug that caused extra nodes to be created as the children of Base nodes.
  • Generation Editor: Fixed an issue with hiding or showing generators in the Generation Editor so it now updates Projectors.
  • Generation Editor: Fixed the Pass label on generators in the Generation Editor so that it no longer overlaps the Statistics labels.
  • Hand-drawing: Fixed a bug that resulted in hand drawn branches pointing the wrong way when they were started.
  • Importing: Fixed the Import tree feature so that mesh properties import correctly.
  • Node editing: Fixed an issue that caused the Property Bar to crash when selected during node editing.
  • Wind: Fixed a bug that caused extreme stretching during VFX wind.
  • Wind: Fixed a bug that caused branches to separate from their parent during Games wind.

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