Eddy 3.0.0-beta_2.0


Eddy v3.0.0-beta_2.0

22 issues.


  • Denoiser is now working with Progressive Rendering.
  • Added a check box to go back to the first frame on simulation reset.
  • E_Denoiser now supports Optix and OpenImageDenoise, with optional support for albedo and normals channels.
  • New Qt Widget added on all Eddy nodes for quick access to documentation.
  • Qt Help Widget has been implemented for Gizmos.
  • New SDF Primitives (Torus, Cone, and Capsule) and new gizmo EddyPrimitives (Support conversion between SDF and Mask).
  • EddyMerge node has been improved to support a smoothing weight.
  • Denoise in-process with OIDN 1.4.3.


  • Sometimes Eddy3 displayed density where it is not supposed to appear.
  • Crash when outputting some AOVs.
  • Crash when enabling "high quality emission lighting" in advanced render settings.
  • Reset E_Element buttons don't appear in viewer when using the gizmos.
  • Random denoiser crashes in batch mode caused by helper application.
  • All non-scattering LPE events crash the renderer.
  • Address memory allocation problem when Eddy requested a greater amount of memory than what was available.
  • Deep render deadlock.
  • Henyey-Greenstein values are now clamped to the [-1.0:1.0] range to avoid a hang.
  • Caching Enable/Disable UI does not update properly for gizmos.
  • Camera Matrices are now written in OpenExr Deep renders metadata (as transposed matrices).
  • EddyRender does not caching output correctly in the Viewer Cache.
  • Clean up Gizmos default values and example files.
  • Eddy documentation has been updated to reflect latest modifications.

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