Eddy 3.0.0-beta_1.0


Eddy 3.0.0-beta_1.0


  • Sparse combustion example now renders correctly (Treat frames with empty Bounding Boxes gracefully). [ATRENDER-192]
  • Crash when undo/redo Eddy Knob changes. [ATRENDER-182]
  • Crash when using the Optix backend inside EddyDenoiser. [ATRENDER-246]
  • Support for CentOS7. [ATRENDER-184]


  • Provided upgrade python migration script to upgrade from Eddy 2.x to Eddy 3.x. [ATRENDER-159]
  • Viewport HUD to provide GPU memory usage statistics. [ATRENDER-238]


  • Upgraded to Optix 7.5, Cuda 11.7. [ATRENDER-186]
  • Minimum NVidia driver version is now 515. [ATRENDER-186]

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