Deep Compositing 1.0.0-rc.2


wnkdeep 1.0.0-rc.2

10 issues.


  • wnkdeep now supports nuke 14.


  • DefocusElement: Reorder and remove internal UI Knobs.
  • DefocusElement: Clean leftover knobs that were not connected to anything.
  • W_DeepRead: internal Fixes tab is now hidden.
  • Crash when connecting a DeepProbe2 node.
  • W_DeepSee errors with "No valid camera found..." only if connected.
  • DeepBunchIDs: Fixed an out of range bug.


  • Our Deep nodes are now in their own menu. The menu itself has been re-organized.
  • The package is now a shell archive. The internal directory structure has also changed to: ${INSTALL_ROOT}/wnkdeep/1.0.0-rc.2/Nuke-XX.x

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