Deep Compositing 1.0.0-rc.1


DeepComp 1.0.0-rc.1

38 issues.


  • The DeepRead proxy file picker UI not showing up [ATRENDER-132]
  • Hidden internal only "info" button [ATRENDER-132]
  • Regression where the proxy detection logic had changed [ATRENDER-132]
  • W_DeepNoise was using the old RenderMan noise library in external mode. [ATRENDER-411]
  • the 12.2 build is now built with v8 instead of v11, making it more widely compatible. [ATRENDER-437]
  • Brickmap nodes should not appear in the node creation menu [ATRENDER-450]
  • An issue where the W_PSFConvolveGPU node would fail to compute and issue errors. [ATRENDER-451]
  • DeepSee: Crash when trying to display files without Deep Z channels or Alpha [ATRENDER-452]
  • DeepID: useasMaskInput was broken in external mode [ATRENDER-476]
  • Graph is now empty when there's no deep sample provided. [ATRENDER-478]
  • DeepComp nodes crashed when used together with the Foundry nodes. [ATRENDER-479]
  • W_DeepHoldout was missing the help knobs. [ATRENDER-484]
  • DeepSnap now creates Cube nodes [ATRENDER-485]
  • DeepSnap now places the objects correctly in Z [ATRENDER-487]
  • DeepExpression does not create phantom links to Grade nodes [ATRENDER-491]
  • gizmos were updated to use with the new W_DeepExpression2 node. [ATRENDER-135]
  • DeepExpression2: removes unneeded channels from request (optimization) [ATRENDER-417]
  • Deepenate: memcpy unaltered channels; use vector instead of channelset (optimization). [ATRENDER-417]
  • DeepAdjustBBox: prevent crash when no input is connected. [ATRENDER-417]
  • Removed the obsolete Deep3d gizmo [ATRENDER-412]
  • Unlicensed W_Psfmapper, W_PSFconvolve and W_PSFconvolveGPU nodes emit the correct error in the UI and render black. [ATRENDER-415]
  • Hide obsolete UI from W_Psfmapper, W_PSFconvolve and W_PSFconvolveGPU [ATRENDER-416]
  • Removed W_DeepBAM from the node list: it is too specific to be used outside of WetaFx. [ATRENDER-448]
  • DefocusElement: Remove obsolete Colour From Deep (old) are renamed the rest [ATRENDER-453]
  • DeepInterp: force alpha on if missing from request. [ATRENDER-474]
  • DeepGrade: fix bad default blackpoint on alpha. [ATRENDER-474]
  • Updated the node logos [ATRENDER-486]


  • W_DeepRead emits a warning if the OpenEXR file does not contain deep data. [ATRENDER-446]
  • Converted nodes to use the Foundry standard channel names, deep.front, deep.back [ATRENDER-161]
  • All nodes have a new help knob to jump to different parts of the documentation. [ATRENDER-354]
  • The pywnkdeep module is now properly versioned. The package version string is available in pywnkdeep.version. [ATRENDER-413]
  • DeepDefocus: partial GPU implementation using Blink scripts. [ATRENDER-417]
  • DeepDefocus: new holdout controls: holdoutGamma and holdoutFilter. [ATRENDER-417]
  • DeepCompressFaster: a new set of compression techniques. [ATRENDER-417]
  • ImageToDeep: Implement UI to drive the source of the depth data. Remove the 1/z knob since it is now inferred. [ATRENDER-420]
  • Our RLM implementation now checks for a license server heartbeat every 120 seconds. Should the license server become unreachable, wnkdeep will try to reconnect 3 times every 120 seconds. If reconnection fails, rendering will be disabled in interactive mode and Nuke will quit in batch mode. In practice, this mean that once the heartbeat check fails, you have 8 mn of rendering left. [ATRENDER-443]
  • DeepCompressFaster is a new deep sample compression node offering new and faster algorithm. See documentation for details. [ATRENDER-444]


  • DeepWrite: By default skip the Weta specific meta data when writing EXRs [ATRENDER-477]

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