Pixyz Plugin

Build powerful visualizations with the data you already have. Pixyz Plugin transforms any CAD file type into a dynamic and ready-made asset in Unity. 
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Bring your data into new dimensions

Pixyz Plugin seamlessly integrates your existing data with Unity. Import any 3D or CAD file type with full control over mesh size and quality, which optimizes your data for performance on your target devices and eliminates the need for multiple imports or model recreation.
Unity Pixyz Review on Lexus steering wheel model

Pixyz demo on Unity editor

From import to automation

Enhance your assets and design a custom tool set with the Optimization ToolBox. Merge meshes, flip normals, create UVs, switch materials, create light proxy assets and more. With the ToolBox, you can extend the Pixyz Plugin to meet your workflow needs


Fully integrated importer

Pixyz Plugin connects directly to Unity, giving you access to import actions like combine, merge by material, LODs, and collisions.

File compatibility

Process any CAD model from over 40 industry-leading solutions, keeping the original product hierarchy. See formats supported by Pixyz Plugin.

Optimization algorithms

Models are automatically processed with Pixyz algorithms to get the best mesh quality for your application. Use the Optimization ToolBox to optimize your assets, even if they haven’t been imported using Pixyz Plugin.

Rule Engine

The Rule Engine comes with automation features that enable you to optimize or stage your scene. Plus, it works on anything in your scene.

Automatic LOD generation

Create LOD on-the-fly when importing a CAD model. They can be easily regenerated at any time.

Automatic UV creation

When importing CAD models, automatically apply UV projection and UV flattening for baking and get ready-to-use assets.

Optimize your 3D data workflow

Get in touch with the experts to learn how Pixyz Plugin for Unity can bring your data to life.

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