NextNav Pinnacle

Add a vertical dimension

Locate users in three dimensions for real-time interaction and experiences in buildings, underground locations, and dense urban areas.

Add vertical location to any game or app

The world isn’t flat. For gamers and app users in urban areas, location means all three dimensions – including vertical. Deliver amazing experiences in buildings and underground with NextNav’s Pinnacle service, which places users with “floor-level” accuracy.

Ryan Litt, CEO, 3AM Innovations

“Vertical location will revolutionize emergency response in urban areas.  We’re excited to be at the forefront of rolling out this important new technology.  We know that it’s going to save lives and improve the quality of emergency services we all depend on.”

Ryan Litt, CEO, 3AM Innovations
Matthew Russo, COO/CMO, Gimbal

“Many brands are expanding their physical footprint right now, with a disproportionate number of new locations planned in urban areas where GPS is less reliable. Adding NextNav’s additional layer of location granularity will be a game changer for retailers and restaurants whose customers are traveling to and from their apartments and condos above ground level.”

Matthew Russo, COO/CMO, Gimbal

Key benefits

Tap urban users

Unlock access to the urban vertical landscape, including the buildings and underground spaces that today’s flat, 2D maps can’t manage.

Unfurl a new dimension

Vertical location allows mobile apps to reflect the 3D world we live in, providing game and app developers with a whole new dimension of creativity to play with.

Expand monetization potential

Vertical location creates new possibilities for customer attribution, advertising, and in-app promotions by linking a user’s vertical location with game or app activity.

Locate assets in three dimensions

Trace assets and people as they move through buildings and urban areas, improving industrial safety and operational efficiency. 

Increase customer retention and LTV

Show your customers something new and exciting. Differentiate your game or app with a 3D experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Explore another dimension with NextNav

Get in touch to learn how NextNav can help you leverage vertical positioning in your real-time 3D application.

Frequently asked questions

Where is NextNav Pinnacle available?

NextNav Pinnacle covers over 4,400 cities nationwide, reaching over 90% of all buildings over three stories in the United States.

Does NextNav Pinnacle require any specific device hardware?

NextNav Pinnacle works on any device with a barometric sensor, which is most smartphones, tablets, and wearables on the market.

How accurate is the vertical location data produced by NextNav Pinnacle?

NextNav Pinnacle is accurate to +/- 3 m (10 ft), the height of an average building floor, 94% of the time.

Does it require Bluetooth beacons or any special infrastructure?

No. NextNav’s nationwide network of altitude stations eliminates the need for any expensive, site-specific hardware.

Which mobile operating systems does it run on?

Android and iOS.

Is it Unity verified? Which versions?

Yes. NextNav Pinnacle is verified for Unity versions 2019.4, 2020.3, and 2021.1.

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