Ultra wide 3D space

FovoRender rendering technology increases the field of view for 3D visualization professionals across industries.

Fovotec Architectural visualization

Architectural visualization

Make better design decisions. 3D architectural visualization artists use FovoRender to create ultrawide field-of-view renders that enhance realism, minimize distortion, and show more space compared to standard methods.

Automotive visualization

Render detailed interior spaces that look natural. FovoRender’s ultrawide field of view enables automotive design professionals to create more realistic and more immersive experiences than standard renders.

Fovotec Product Visualization

Standard render, FovoRender

Product visualization

Get closer and see more detail. As retailers shift more of their business online, product visualization tools are gaining in importance. FovoRender allows marketers to fine-tune 3D representations of their products.

Jonathan Cox, Founder and Creative Director, LightField London

“FovoRender solves a critical problem we have in the architecture profession, which is how to convey the spaces imagined by designers.”

Jonathan Cox, Founder and Creative Director, LightField London
Mirko Vescio, Founder, OneirosVR

"FovoRender looks amazing, the ultra-wide field of view is fantastic!"

Mirko Vescio, Founder, OneirosVR

Key benefits

Increased view

Massively increase the usable field of view in render without moving the camera.

Expanded space

Show six times the amount of spatial volume in a 3D render in the same screen space.

Visual accuracy

Minimize distortion, compared to any other standard method of rendering a wide field of view.

More immersive

Create content that is deeper and more immersive when compared to standard alternatives.


Generate an ultra wide field of view without having to move the camera back or remodeling geometry, saving time in any 3D workflow.


An extremely flexible rendering technology offers creatives and 3D designers an increased range of functionality over standard methods.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with FovoRender?

Contact Fovotec using the form above to discuss your requirements. A developer service is available to help you set up FovoRender in your project.

Why should I use FovoRender?

Fovotec provides a license to use FovoRender on a particular project and a developer service to implement the technology.

How much does FovoRender cost?

FovoRender technology is available under license on a project-by-project basis. Contact Fovotec for pricing details.

Does FovoRender only run in Unity?

No. FovoRender is compatible with a range of graphics imaging and rendering technology.

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