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Ensuring 3rd-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services, and more are compatible with Unity

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Verified Solutions Partners build solutions that offer direct value to Unity developers. From third-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services and more, these solutions are verified to comply with Unity’s latest releases to ensure 0% developer downtime.

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Unity Verified

When Unity verifies third-party SDKs, plugins or services, developers know they can trust that these solutions comply with Unity’s technical standards.

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Partners get noticed among an engaged audience. Unity can help partner solutions find the right audience at the right time.

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Partners can grow their business through education, evangelism and developer networking opportunities.

Verified Solutions Partners

Explore our network of verified third-party SDKs, plugins and more.

Agora Video Chat SDK

The Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity lets developers add in-game real-time communications to increase interactivity between players and enhance the gaming experience. Optimized video communications add a sense of reality, depth, and fun to your game.


With Bose, creators can take a sound-first approach to augmented reality (AR) with innovative sensor-driven, head movement and spatial sound capabilities. The Unity plugin allows developers to pair mobile applications with the new generation of Bose wearables and headphones.


The Blockchain SDK by Enjin brings the true power of blockchain to Unity, empowering developers to explore new gameplay mechanics, create gaming multiverses, gain a competitive edge, increase revenue, and discover a new gaming frontier — all without writing a single line of blockchain code.


The Genvid SDK lets developers easily create and deliver premium interactive broadcasts. By using several camera deployments, your game looks more dynamic. The broadcast takes advantage of engine data to become fully interactive over popular live streaming platforms.


Houdini is the Academy Award-winning 3D procedural software platform from SideFX for the film, TV and video game industries. Having a seamless bridge between Unity and Houdini unlocks a powerful set of content creation tools for advanced simulations and visual effects.


Unit040 is a company focused on digital twin solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industries. PREspective uses a digital system model to simulate the behavior of a system, exactly as it would perform in the real world. The system is fully interactive, on screen as well as in virtual reality and augmented reality.

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