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Verified Solutions Partners build solutions that offer direct value to Unity developers. From third-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services and more, these solutions are verified to comply with Unity’s latest releases to ensure 0% developer downtime.

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When Unity verifies third-party SDKs, plugins or services, developers know they can trust that these solutions comply with Unity’s technical standards.

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Partners can grow their business through education, evangelism and developer networking opportunities.

Verified Solutions Partners

Explore our network of verified third-party SDKs, plugins and more.


Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement, fraud prevention and cybersecurity. Born at the heart of the mobile economy, the globally operating company now has 15 offices around the world. In total, more than 30,000 apps have implemented Adjust's solutions to secure their budgets and improve performance.

Agora Video Chat SDK

The Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity lets developers add in-game real-time communications to increase interactivity between players and enhance the gaming experience. Optimized video communications add a sense of reality, depth, and fun to your game.


AGX Dynamics brings professional physics into Unity, making it a perfect platform for engineering simulation and agile product development.  The unique combination of speed, accuracy, stability and modeling capability lets you develop autonomous machines, digital twins and simulators that are true to the real world.


Backtrace is a cross-platform error management solution for desktop, mobile, devices, game console, and server platforms that drastically reduces debugging time and improves software quality through automated capture, insight about impact, and essential context for investigation in one interface.


Add the BitLabs SDK for Unity to reward users for participating in engaging rewarded surveys. Users can be rewarded in both in-game items or in-game currency, giving developers an opportunity for versatile monetization that does not hurt user experience.

Bitmoji for Games SDK

The Bitmoji for Games SDK lets you bring the world’s most beloved avatar into your games. Tap into the connection that millions of people have with their Bitmoji to transform gameplay into a more personal, social and fun experience.


Configit is the trusted leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management, providing a powerful configuration platform that enables global manufacturers to master the challenges of getting configurable products to market faster, with higher quality and engineered at lower costs.


echo3D allows Unity developers to remotely manage 3D content and stream 3D models, videos, and images while pushing changes in real-time. Our cloud platform for AR/VR and 3D-first CMS+CDN allows you to quickly build and deploy AR/VR/3D apps.


You want your game to sound great, but don't want it to take forever. FMOD makes it easy to implement music and sound effects that adapt to gameplay. Simple, powerful, and easy to integrate – produce amazing results with a fast and fluid workflow. Used in thousands of games, FMOD is a complete audio solution for Unity.


GameBench is the leading game performance management solution. Ensure your players experience seamless gameplay while you focus on creating and testing fun new content and features with GameBench’s suite of performance monitoring tools. GameBench monitors framerate, memory, battery drain, and more, then alerts you to problems before they go out the door.


GameDriver is test automation made for Unity. GameDriver helps studios slash manual testing time and expense through automation, frees testers to validate new worlds and user experiences and developers automated regression tests for Continuous Testing and DevOps.


The Genvid SDK lets developers easily create and deliver premium interactive broadcasts. By using several camera deployments, your game looks more dynamic. The broadcast takes advantage of engine data to become fully interactive over popular live streaming platforms.


Guardsquare's multi-layered approach to mobile application security protects gameplay and in-game content purchases through code hardening, RASP and threat monitoring.


Helpshift is the leader in mobile-first customer service. Combining in-app asynchronous chat, in-app and web help centers and bots to automate resolution of many user issues, it delivers a great in-app help experience for many of the world's top mobile games.


Houdini is the Academy Award-winning 3D procedural software platform from SideFX for the film, TV and video game industries. Having a seamless bridge between Unity and Houdini unlocks a powerful set of content creation tools for advanced simulations and visual effects.


Light And Shadows provides its customers with solutions to improve sales and industrial processes. Interact is a powerful platform for creating advanced AR/VR and XR apps directly from your CAD models. Its high accuracy physics engine provides complex simulations, including detection of collisions, ergonomic analysis, extra-large point cloud visualization, on any AR/VR configuration.


Welcome to Kindred's SDK! We are the first monetization solution that doesn't use in-game advertising or paywalls, keeping gameplay at the core of your players' experience. Earn new revenue for free today!

Legion Gaming Phone SDK

Legion Gaming Phone SDK empower developers to unleash the full capabilities of Legion Phone & related android devices. It provides 2 major capabilities. U-Engine vibration API: define vibration feedback in games or apps. Legion iconic lighting API: control device's lighting effect.


Leia’s 3D Lightfield technology allows Lume Pad users to experience depth, texture, and light by displaying content in a visually stunning, realistic immersive experience.


MiddleVR enables multi-display and cluster rendering for CAVEs, powerwalls, domes and virtual stages. MiddleVR supports warping, blending, 3D trackers such as ART, Vicon, Optitrack etc. Simple setup with a powerful configuration tool.

Mixed Dimensions

The GamePrint SDK captures your favorite moments and brings them to life with our next-generation 3D printing technology. We handle the fulfillment and shipping without monthly or upfront fees so you can focus on making your worlds even better.


Multilot’s XtendGame SaaS platform delivers enterprise-ready Compliance-by-Design back-end architecture to any app or service. On top of the XtendGame platform, Multilot also offers a suite of customer- and fan engagement concepts.


Locate users in three dimensions with floor-level accuracy for real-time interaction and experiences in buildings, underground locations, and dense urban areas throughout the United States.

NexPlayer Video Player SDK

NexPlayer SDK for Unity allows developers to bring high quality video streaming into Unity apps. It is the only Video Player SDK for Unity that supports Widevine DRM-protected streaming with 24/7 premium customer support and the most advanced video features.

Odin Enterprise

Odin Inspector Enterprise is a plugin for Unity that lets you enjoy all the workflow benefits of having a powerful, customized and user-friendly editor, without ever having to write a single line of custom editor code.


OneSignal is the most widely used customer messaging solution, helping over a million businesses deliver over 8 billion messages to their customers each day. OneSignal offers a best-in-breed Unity SDK, easy to use dashboard, and powerful APIs for sending messages to increase user engagement.

On-Set Facilities

Creating virtual computing for Unity creators and developers. On-Set Facilities is the technology company that develops the Unity verified GODBOX™. The low-latency, high-throughput, stable, virtual computing platform designed for real-time development, 3D simulation, virtual production, visualization, and collaboration.

Pacelab WEAVR

Complete XR platform that enables companies to develop & manage enterprise-scale training.


Prespective is a software platform for creating virtual prototypes and Digital Twins for the industry. It’s an interactive virtual test environment based on Unity, in which users continuously test their systems. Not only visually, but mechanically and connected to their logic control software, human interface and IoT.

Snap Kit SDK

The Snap Kit SDK for Unity allows you to create incredible experiences bringing the best of Snapchat to your game. Authenticate and verify your players with Login Kit and let them share seamlessly to their Snapchat friends with Creative Kit.



Spatial Reality Display SDK

Sony's Spatial Reality Display uses a high-speed vision sensor and face recognition algorithms to enable a super-high-precision spatial reality experience not found in conventional glasses-free 3D displays. It can be easily applied to VR, AR and other types of content, providing a versatile volumetric display environment to creators. Start developing by downloading the SDK.


Tilia is a digital payments and wallet platform that enables online games and virtual worlds to build in-world economies and monetize user interaction. It is designed to maximize revenue and transactional functionality within virtual economies that rely on user-to-user transactions and user-generated content.


UModeler empowers you to model and prototype within Unity in smart ways.

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional.

Sketch-based modeling as well as many well-made essential 3D tools in UModeler will make building your world a breeze.


Want to monetize your game with advertising? The Usercentrics Consent Management SDK for Unity enables developers to ensure their games are compliant with privacy regulations. In no time, create a trustworthy and privacy-first experience for your users.


Varjo is based in Helsinki and is creating the world’s most advanced VR/XR hardware and software for professional use, merging the real and virtual worlds seamlessly together in human-eye resolution.


vr-on STAGE is a cloud service for enterprise realtime 3D conferencing. Use STAGE SDK to set-up conferencing sessions for your 3D content. STAGE combines the ease of modern conferencing with 3D realtime content. Join the conference via PC or Virtual Reality devices.

Yahaha logo
Coming soon

Yahaha aims to democratize 3D interactive content creation and usher in the next generation of entertainment. Compatible with Unity, Yahaha creation platform can provide developers 3D assets, free-to-use servers, and the no-code game logic creation system to create 3D multiplayer real-time content. Developers can also expect to monetize and communicate with players on Yahaha platform.


The Zendesk SDK for Unity lets you add in-game support in just a few minutes. Players can interact with support agents or browse help center articles – all without leaving your game. Zendesk makes support, sales, and customer engagement software for everyone.

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