Galaxy Store: Sell games on all Samsung handsets

You can use the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) to create games built specially for the Galaxy Store, a global marketplace that reaches millions of devices in over 100 countries.

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About Samsung Galaxy Store

The Galaxy Store comes pre-installed on all Samsung mobile devices.

That means with UDP, you can repack your build and upload it to a store with access to over 180 countries with many millions of active users downloading new apps every day. Developers on the store receive a 70/30 revenue share.

Galaxy Store market reach

All major markets are served Galaxy Store content, including (but not limited to) the USA, the UK, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Craft your project for the Galaxy Store with speed

With UDP, you don’t have to build or maintain a separate project for every store you want your game to be on.

You can repack the build that you’ve used for other stores and upload it to Galaxy Store Seller Portal (GSSP) and save your team time and energy.

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