ONE Store: Sell games in Korea

ONE Store provides entry to one of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world, through the 2nd largest app store in Korea. Sign up and submit your Android games to ONE Store with UDP.

About ONE Store

ONE Store is the 2nd largest app store in Korea which is the 4th largest gaming market in the world. ONE Store is pre-installed on all Android mobile devices sold by SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus. All told, the store reaches 90% of Korea’s mobile users.

About Korea

The Korean mobile games market stands next to China, USA, and Japan as one of the largest in the world. With most Koreans playing games on their mobile devices, much more than console and PC players, mobile games generated more than $6 billion of revenue in Korea in 2019 through hundreds of thousands of paying monthly active users.

ONE Store & UDP get devs in the lucrative Korean market

With mobile game revenue on the rise in bustling app markets like Korea, there has never been a better time to publish your games and create a path to success for your studio. ONE Store will help you get into Korea, and UDP makes those paths easier to navigate. Sign up and start submitting with UDP today.

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