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Megacity Metro: End-to-end multiplayer demo
Experience multiplayer mechanics like interpolation, prediction and lag compensation in this 128+ player, cross-platform demo. Welcome to Megacity Metro.

Large-scale, cross-platform, competitive action third-person shooter



Supported Unity versions

Unity 2022 LTS


Unity, Universal Render Pipeline, Netcode for Entities, Multiplay Hosting, Matchmaker, Authentication, Vivox Voice Chat

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Reach new heights in Megacity Metro

With a fresh art-deco aesthetic and a new focus on cross-platform compatibility, Megacity Metro is your blueprint for end-to-end multiplayer development.

Download the demo to explore:

  • Large-scale streaming and rendering with ECS
  • Advanced mechanics like interpolation, prediction and lag compensation
  • Maxed-out performance for 128+ players on mobile and desktop enabled by DOTS & URP
  • Services like Multiplay Hosting, Matchmaker and Vivox Voice Chat
Megacity Metro

What’s included?

Megacity and Megacity Metro are publicly available on GitHub to help you dive into the intricacies behind building a competitive action multiplayer game in Unity.


  • A massive game world in an immersive environment
  • Networked vehicle implementation
  • Flexible hosting with Multiplay Hosting
  • Configurable rule-based matches with Matchmaker
  • Immersive player comms with Vivox Voice Chat
  • Use of HDRP in Megacity and URP in Megacity Metro
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When should you use these samples?

The Megacity multiplayer sample is perfect for those who want to master large-scale desktop streaming using HDRP, implementing server-authoritative gameplay, and leveraging Unity Gaming Services (UGS) for an end-to-end multiplayer game.

Megacity Metro presents the same engaging multiplayer framework with a different aesthetic. It extends the functionalities of Megacity to support large-scale cross-platform streaming and enhanced mobile compatibility using URP, with support for 128+ players.

On-demand multiplayer resources
Megacity Metro
Learn large-scale multiplayer development with Megacity Metro

Journey into Megacity Metro and learn how to use Unity Cloud Services, DOTS, and URP to build a high-performance multiplayer game that supports 100+ players on desktop and mobile.

Netcode for Entities
Getting started with Netcode for Entities

Esteban Maldonado takes you into a deep dive into Megacity Metro to show you the fundamentals of networking a multiplayer game using Netcode for Entities and Unity Gaming Services.

Multiplayer in Unity
Megacity shot
ECS for Unity

Explore a data-oriented framework compatible with GameObjects. Seasoned Unity creators can build more ambitious games thanks to an unprecedented level of control and determinism.

UGS Multiplayer Solutions
Multiplayer solutions

Build a multiplayer game in any game engine and have it hosted on a scalable, reliable, and secure game server hosting provider, no matter your studio size.

Characters and scene from Boss Room
Boss Room sample

Want to build a cooperative game in Unity instead? Check out Boss Room, our 3D co-op sample built with Netcode for GameObjects, Relay, and Lobby.

Get the Megacity Multiplayer sample callout
Get the Megacity Metro demo

Download the demo today to start building your next multiplayer game with Unity.