An extensible framework for creating immersive authoring tools in both Editor and runtime.

Harness the power of XR in your authoring workflow

Using EditorXR’s extensible tool framework, you can create content directly in extended reality. EditorXR allows you to see things from the user’s perspective while accessing the full capabilities of the Unity Editor. EditorXR Runtime lets you build tools into your experiences and bring authoring workflows to AR-capable smartphones and beyond.


Tools to bring your creative vision to life.

Tools, menus, and workspaces

EditorXR provides a framework for spatial authoring to bring the real world and XR world closer.

Spatial UI

The Spatial Menu provides an alternative, device-agnostic way to access functionality.

Locomotion tool

Quickly and easily navigate your scene in VR to see changes as you make them.

Annotation tool

Draw in 3D to leave notes for collaborators or create beautiful works of art.

Poly workspace

Browse and import models directly from Google Poly.

MiniWorld workspace

View and edit the scene from a different perspective to create immersive worlds that work.


EditorXR works at runtime. Build editing tools into your VR game or create spatial computing apps that work on mobile devices.

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