Mainframe: A collectible card game sample

Find out how you can build a collectible card game with Unity Gaming Services in our sample project, Mainframe.

  • Genre

    2D collectible card game

  • Difficulty


  • Products

    Authentication, Cloud Save, Cloud Code, Economy, Remote Config.

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Build your deck in Mainframe

Mainframe is a sci-fi cyberpunk collectible card game that was created to demonstrate how various Unity Gaming Services work together in a production-ready environment. Players build their deck in the Deck Editor, unlock new cards from the in-game store, and play with either a Virus or Bot deck against their AI opponent.

What’s included?

Mainframe is built with various UGS integrated to show devs how these products work in live games.

  • Authentication for secure log-in with single sign-on across platforms
  • Cloud Save saves users’ custom deck names and compositions
  • Cloud Code determines the AI’s next action and validates user’s cards and decks
  • Economy allows each card to be represented in the Economy Dashboard with price and bundle setting
  • Remote Config allows swift balance changes to the descriptions of cards such as name, attack, and defense
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mainframe sample

What does this sample cover?

This sample project is an educational template that teaches a specific approach to creating and managing a live game in Unity. Mainframe is built with various Unity Gaming Services products to show how these products work in live games.

Mainframe covers:

  • Implementing an in-game store and managing those Economy items easily from the Dashboard
  • Offloading logic to Cloud Code and representing the outcomes with your game
  • Using Remote Config to quickly and easily balance the card values from the Dashboard

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Get the Mainframe sample

Get started with Mainframe today to learn the basics of operating a live game with Unity Gaming Services.

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