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Flexible und erweiterbare Tools optimieren jeden Aspekt der Entwicklung von Multiplayer-Spielen, vom Konzept über das Prototyping bis hin zur Veröffentlichung und dem Live-Betrieb.
Unity-Unterstützung für VisionOS — gehören Sie zu den ersten, die für Apple Vision Pro und die neue Ära des räumlichen Rechnens entwickeln.
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Von der Schöpfung zur Gemeinschaft

Build within Unity’s ecosystem, or mix and match your preferred tools and services. Versatile networking stacks include Netcode for GameObjects and Netcode for Entities, plus multiplayer tools from Unity Gaming Services like Game Server Hosting and Vivox Voice Chat.

Bringen Sie Ihre Reise zur Entwicklung von Multiplayer-Spielen voran
Leistung und Flexibilität

Whether you’re building a couch coop or a large-scale competitive game, your infrastructure needs are supported with an engine, networking, hosting, community, and LiveOps solutions to scale your game – all from Unity.

Anpassbarer Tech-Stack

Build and run your multiplayer game within the Unity ecosystem, or leverage our engine and services with other solutions to serve your creative vision. Use only what you need, when you need it.

Ausführung mit hoher Geschwindigkeit

Accelerate your multiplayer game development and enhance launch efficiency with features like A/B test gameplay, player matches, and simulated test environments, backed by access to our expert multiplayer support.

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Keep players coming back with scalable community and social gaming services that drive engagement across devices and platforms to help you build a vibrant and safe player community.

Jeder Spieler, jede Engine

Discover crossplay and networked gameplay solutions that meet both players and devs where they’re at. Connect your players on any platform and build using any engine. If you can implement a REST API, you can use our tools.


Get started quickly with self-serve capabilities. If you want a Unity professional to help, we’ll connect you with our multiplayer experts and help you migrate to a managed service.

Entdecke Multiplayer-Produkte und -Services
Unterstützung auf jeder Ebene

Stuck or stretched? Let us help – get access to Unity’s seasoned multiplayer support team to boost your capacity with the right support when you need it.


Unity’s networking libraries are built to support a range of genres, from casual co-op to competitive action games.

Game Server Hosting

Scale with performant multiplayer game hosting that grows with your players’ demands.


With Entity Component System (ECS) integration, the Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) is now fully supported in the Unity Editor.

Vivox Multiplayer-Karte
Vivox Sprach-Chat

Connect your players across distance and platform divides.

Safe Voice- und Moderationskarte
Safe Voice

Make your gaming community safer with an all-in-one moderation platform.

Karte „Freunde und Bestenlisten“

Boost player engagement and competition with in-game friends and leaderboards.


Connect players with fully featured rule-based matchmaking off the shelf.

Beispiele von Kunden
StickyLock Studios

In Histera, StickyLock Studios unleashed the “glitch” – a unique mechanic that shifts time in the middle of gameplay. Watch the video to see how StickyLock used Unity’s multiplayer solutions to connect their players so the team could stay focused on gameplay.


Triangle Factory takes players into riveting close-quarters combat in tactical VR shooter Breachers. Learn how Unity Gaming Services helped Triangle Factory facilitate low-latency teamwork with Game Server Hosting and quick connections with Matchmaker and Vivox Voice Chat.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit dem Unity Multiplayer-Team auf

Wondering how to find the ideal tech stack for your vision? Planning a large-scale multiplayer game, or have complex requirements that you want to discuss?

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