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Using Magic Leap with AR Foundation in Unity 2020.1

Unity’s AR Foundation is a cross-platform API to support augmented reality applications. In this session, you learn how to use AR Foundation to quickly develop or port your AR experience to the Magic Leap 1 headset, while still being able to incorporate Magic Leap-specific features into your apps.

Leveraging Unity in the New Age of Digital Twins

Using Unity Reflect, Booz Allen Hamilton leverages digital twins to create holistic solutions that enable cross-functional collaboration and planning, and identify long-term cost savings. They built a 3D digital space by implementing BIM, AI and other images. Learn how Booz Allen develops various approaches by combining applications and platforms.

Crunching the numbers: Navigating mobile-game metrics

Are you developing an indie mobile game? Join us and our partner Adjust to explore the metrics, reporting, and optimization necessary for success. We’ll also dive into what the core metrics mean and how you can leverage them to take your game to the next level.

Programmer sessions

Neonverse – Lessons and best practices learned

Developing a fully functional game that can run on even the cheapest device is the holy grail of mobile development. In this session on Neonverse, learn how Tamasenco & Pixel Reign combined vertex lighting with new techniques to achieve rapid and beautiful results, animated in Shaders instead of animators and C# scripts, and more.

First look at 2020.2’s features

Join us to see Unity 2020.2’s features in action. In the Editor, we’ll show you the new tools, improvements, and fixes for all major areas. The session is hosted by Unity Creator Advocate, Amel Negra.

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