New Networking Library

Take advantage of our purpose-built networking library, delivering multi-threaded
performance and game optimization.  

High-performance networking code for your multiplayer game

Networking overview

Unity’s new network approach enables the highest level of performance and success for all creators.

Performant network code for games



Built for games

Unity’s networking library is designed for performance to address the exacting requirements of real-time multiplayer games.  

High performance

Networking is built on our next-generation ECS job-processing system, so network tasks are distributed for better performance.  

Low latency

Better performance means lower latency. We further reduce latency using geographically distributed infrastructure with Unity game server hosting.

Key Features



Transport layer

A foundational network layer that will balance byte delivery with performance and reliability, and is UDP-based.

Highly modular

This flexibility means you can easily optimize for fast-paced shooters, frame-sensitive fighting games and more.

Built for ECS

Leveraging the new network libraries today means you benefit from performance while future-proofing for Unity’s coming ECS-based architecture.

Minimize latency with the new networking foundation


Latency is a sum of output processing, physical transport of bits, and input processing.


While transport is variable to internet conditions, the new networking layer reduces overall latency by minimizing  server/client-side processing.

We’re just getting started

Unity Transport package is currently in early preview and is available for use with Unity 2019.1 or later. Get it from the Package Manager and let us know what you think on our Connected Games forum.

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