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Version control and project organization best practices for game developers
Oct 20, 2023
Gen Art 2023

Read our new e-book, created for both technical and non-technical game creators, on how to set up version control and plan for productive teamwork.

The guide was written by a longtime Unity developer, alongside other Unity experts, with experience in team-based game development and project organization. It covers topics such as:

  • Centralized vs distributed version control systems
  • A comparison of different version control solutions, such as Git, Perforce, and Unity Plastic SCM
  • Setting up a Unity project with each of the different version control solutions
  • Effectively organizing a Unity project, from the proper folder structure, to the .meta file and naming standards
  • Version control best practices, such as keeping commit messages clean and easy to understand, avoiding indiscriminate commits, and so much more

Download for free and pick up some great tips and best practices for smooth and efficient team collaboration.

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